Your preferred Arabic into English Translation Company in Egypt!

With headquarters in Egypt, specialized in Arabic into English translation company and vice versa, among other language pairs it works with. It offers professional certified services to meet all your requirements in the fields of


translation, interpretation, voice over, subtitling, transcription, proofreading and editing, DTP, copywriting, localization, conference organization and equipment rental.

Arabic to English Translation through our certified company and by our experienced translators and interpreters is a convenient and secure way for your work to be done accurately and cost effectively. Being based in the Egypt; the heart of the Arab world, we translate all business languages; which is our specialty.We work with different language pairs and provide translation into spoken languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Arabic.

We can also handle the following language pairs with extreme efficiency and excellence:

Arabic into English translation – English into Arabic, Arabic into French and vice versa - Arabic into German and vice versa - Arabic into Italian and vice versa - Arabic into Spanish and vice versa. These are the languages our translation agency works with every day. Other pairs can be also provided according to our clients’ needs. Our professional team of fully trained and extremely dedicated translators and interpreters are always ready to provide the best service to our esteemed clients. Just think of any language pair you could ever need and go wild with your imagination to challenge our services, we are always ready and capable of providing our clients with the best service they require in the field of translation and related services.
More about EgyTranscript and its history in English to Arabic translation:
Founded in 2003EgyTranscript has been supporting several companies to build bridges of successful business by providing translation English to Arabic and vice versa, together with providing language solutions and other related services to clients from the rapidly expanding global marketplace. We are offering unique service that goes along with the spirit of this era, where the whole world is getting more and more connected in terms of communication and information sharing, and we are as well available to every client anytime and everywhere.

Profound changes are currently occurring in our social, economic and political contexts. These changes have introduced new concepts, breaking down barriers that have previously served to protect and even isolate nations and economies. Today, doors are continuously opened for more interaction and communication among different cultures and languages. Here comes translation as a tool of civilizations dialogue and acquaintance, be it Arabic into English translation or any other language pair.

The world is now ready for enterprises and entrepreneurs, who just need to cross the bridge of language and enter the global market. Our aim is to help you do that by providing accurate, fast and reliable translation, interpretation, and language-related services. Our experience includes translation, interpretation, subtitling and DTP projects for a wide range of well-known companies, organizations and institutions.
EgyTranscript , English to Arabic translation company and your gate to MENA region

Egypt has become a major gateway into Africa and The Middle East, therefore establishing our English to Arabic translation company in Egypt came through our deep conviction that major global companies in a variety of industries need comprehensive language solutions and services, not just English to Arabic translation..

With Egypt's ever increasing need for multilingual, multi-media communications, our translation agency is perfectly located and fully equipped to help our clients reach and serve their global markets, as well as helping global companies access the region markets.

Although EgyTranscript is an Egyptian company based in Cairo, Egypt, Arabic into English translation is just one of the many language pairs that we can handle. 

For more information, please visit Our Clients page. where you can read more about our impressive portfolio of highly esteemed clients who experienced our Arabic into English translation and vice versa, and those who requested other language pairs or other services.

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