EgyTranscript is one of the best translation Companies you can find in Egypt, the MENA region, and globally.

Founder Statement

Founded in 2007 by a professional interpreter, EgyTranscript strived to provide excellent quality and professional translation and interpretation services that proved to be up to the standards, meeting clients’ needs and requirements; continuously extending our network and gaining more grounds.

EgyTranscript has positioned itself as the best translation company in Egypt in the field through an absolute focus on customers’ satisfaction, identifying their language needs and develop services accordingly.


Since the beginning of the 21 century, the need kept increasing to develop new business models that respond to the huge emerging new businesses and innovations that took the world by storm.

Profound changes are continuously occurring in our social, economic and political contexts. These changes have introduced new concepts, breaking down barriers that have previously served to protect and even isolate nations and economies. Today, doors are continuously opened for more interaction and communication among different cultures and languages. Here comes translation as a tool of civilizations dialogue and acquaintance, and EgyTranscript, as the best translation office in Egypt.

The world nations need translation now more than any other time, where people can talk their minds not fearing to be misunderstood or lost in translation thanks to translation related services that leave nothing to chance. Through EgyTranscript diversity of services, you can deliver your message keeping its cultural sensitivities through different formats text, graphics, videos, etc.

You can as well extend your work to more markets in a way the audience would feel normal after localization service that EgyTranscript offers, which precisely adapt your content to be appealing for your customers.

With our multiple services, we help you to cross the bridge of language confidently and outreach to the global market. Our aim as the best translation company is to help you do that by providing accurate, fast and reliable translation, interpretation, and language-related services. Our experience includes translation, interpretation, subtitling and DTP projects for a wide range of well-known companies, organizations, and institutions.

We are still working hard to keep our position in the market and extend our network to include more clients from all over the globe, and always be the best translation agency in Egypt.


We have an impressive portfolio of high profile clients that we worked hard to earn their trust and maintain ongoing assignments. Our experience includes translation, interpreting, subtitling and DTP projects for a wide range of well-known companies, organizations, and institutions. This, in addition to our dedication, professionalism and striving for excellence, which renders EgyTranscript the best translation office in Egypt and the Middle East.
We understand very well that the role played by an interpreter or a translator is of utmost importance as it bridges the gap; not only communicating across different languages but further facilitating cross-cultural understanding.
Through our profound experience, we have compiled a team of excellent linguists who have a dedication to excellence and professionalism that they can readily display in all working environments and use in different tasks.
We do not only provide talented professionals, but we also provide translation and interpretation equipment for conferences and events, along with professional technicians; by far EgyTranscript is one of the very few places that can provide you with such comprehensive service.
“Translation is an art, not an inflexible science.”
We promise our current and potential clients to always keep our quality work and include more services and tools for their utmost satisfaction and convenience.

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    16 Iran st, Ad Doqi,

    Giza Governorate

    12622 Egypt