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Professional Interpreters

Get introduced to our team of Talented Arabic to English translators and Professional Interpreters.

EgyTranscript, we are a team of professional interpreters and English Arabic translators with profound experience in translation and related services. We had the opportunity of working in nearly every field of commerce, government, and civil society.

Professional Interpreters In Egypt

From our extensive work as Arabic English conference translators in Egypt, we have managed to gather glossaries over the years for each and every field that might cross your mind, creating our own unique database; we are even eager to create more and tailor special glossaries to every client.

Our Arabic English conference translators in Egypt

Have outstanding skills, enthusiasm, and flexibility required to deliver what your business needs on time.We respect your privacy and we guarantee that all documents entrusted to our Arabic English conference translators in Egypt remain strictly confidential as per our strict Privacy Policy.

Our dedicated English Arabic interpreters will serve you no matter how big your project is.

Our professional translators are experienced in:

  • General Translations
  • Technical Translation
  •  Legal Translation

Our English Arabic interpreters are competent personnel who are capable of delivering your message in the target language as authentic as it is spoken, with all its hints; always watching for cultural sensitivities.

Whether it is a conference/workshop or a training course, be always sure that our professional interpreters will always be up to your expectations.

Our interpreters are experienced in handling simultaneous interpretation, consecutive, and whispering, among other services provided by EgyTranscript.

We provide our clients with the most skilled professionals, so whether you need Arabic to English translator, English Arabic interpreters or even Arabic English conference translators in Egypt or abroad, you will find what you desire.

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Our Team

Mohammed Murad

Founder and Manager

He joined hotel industry directly after graduation; he worked for “Four seasons” hotels and resorts. Within an interval of four years, he was promoted five times, and resigned in 2006 to join the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Mourad joined MSA University after that as a teaching assistant in the Faculty of languages and translation, where he served for two academic years, then resigned to work in his field of passion, translation and interpretation.

Murad founded EgyTranscript in 2008 amid the credit crunch where it posed a financial risk at that time. However he chose to follow his passion and established EgyTranscript as a small entity that grew big by the passion of its team and huge trust it earned from the clients.  

Our Staff of Arabic to English translators and interpreters:

Afnan Murad

English Arabic Interpreter and Translator

Joined EgyTranscript in 2012

Has a degree in Language and Simultaneous Interpretation, with Diploma in Simultaneous Interpretation at the American University in Cairo (AUC), and Diploma in Legal and UN Translation also at AUC

She has 5 years’ experience in the field of translation and interpretation, through which she has attended many conferences as a trainee and interpreter, traveled abroad, worked in various technical documents with international organizations.

She has also worked on documents and subtitling audio/video material in the following fields:

-      Financial

-      Economic

-   Legal (general, contracts)

-      Commercial

-      Islamic

-      Political

-      General

-   Technical (mechanical engineering)

-   IT and product manuals

-      Media (Political, financial, sports, obituary, etc)

-      Humanities (Psychology, Sociology, Education)

-      Military

Kareem Hesham Hamed

Arabic to English translator and interpreter

Joined EgyTranscript in 2009


Graduated from Faculty of Arts, English Department, Cairo University, and finished Simultaneous Interpretation Diploma at AUC.

The oldest member at EgyTranscript 

In addition to translating documents in different fields, he is one of English Arabic interpreters at EgyTranscript and has participated in various Arabic English conference translation in Egypt and abroad.


Mai Ahmed Fouad

Arabic to English translator

Joined EgyTranscript team since 2013

Talented Arabic to English translator with 4 years’ experience in translating documents in the following fields, Business Administration, HR, Sales &Marketing, Public Relations, Modern Management, Business Economics, Logistics, CSP, Managerial Economics, Legal, United Nations Organizations, Economic, Medical, and Newspaper articlesand Magazines.

She has got Foundation Certificate in Written Translation (FCWT), Career Certificate in Print Media Translation (CCMT), and Professional Diploma in Legal and UN Translation at AUC.

She volunteered as English teacher in charity organization and as a translator in 57375 organization.


Shaymaa Metwally

Office Manager

Joined EgyTranscript team since 2008

She holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in Humanities, German Language Department, Azhar University

Started her career at EgyTranscript as a secretary, promoted to executive secretary, then EgyTranscript office manager

She is responsible for coordination between translators, clients’ database, organizing and recording schedules, and EgyTranscript customer service.

Shehab Fawzy

Arabic to EnglishTranslator

Joined EgyTranscript team since October 2013

Has a Bachelor Degree of Arts, English Department, Certificate in Translation and Interpreting (FCTI) from AUC and a Diploma in Legal and United Nations Translation also from the AUC.

He has 7 years of experience as Arabic to English translator and vice versa, and he is a member of the Egyptian Translators Association (ETA).


Worked as Arabic to EnglishTranslator in various reputable institutions, e.g: The Middle East Readers' Information Center (MERIC), Gulf Center for Strategic Studies (GCSS), Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies (DCSS), and CI Capital Research (affiliated to Commercial International Bank).

In addition to its staff, EgyTranscript has a wide network of translators and interpreters in different language pairs to cover the market needs.