Professional Translators

Professional Translators:

With role of communications increasing globally; translation became a core for almost every industry, with the need for high qualified professionals who are thus part of the company outreach success or failure.


EgyTranscript is proud to deliver competent

and customer oriented translation services for all projects; regardless their size, format, or language.

Relying on our professional team of translators, we are always on time and provide competitive prices for translating Arabic to English and vice versa; among other language pairs.

We handle your project with extreme care through our wide spectrum of translators with diversity of backgrounds and expertise.

Translater or Translator?

Wrongly written sometimes as “translater”, a translator main role comprises transferring written material from one language to another; while precisely keeping the same meaning and message.

Whether you call them transleter or translator, we should agree that they have a really tough job!

EgyTranscript has a staff capable of translating English to Arabic and vice versa for different document formats, and in diversity of technical fields.

Our work also includes ‘transcreation’, which combines translation and adapting the content to certain culture, which is much needed while translating English to Arabic, so to present an appealing text to Arab audience.

We are careful to choose the best calibers in the market, fluent in two or more languages; with thorough knowledge of those languages.

They are also aware of cultures they are addressing, with in-depth knowledge of the technical field they are working on.

Translating Arabic to English

EgyTranscript understands very well the changing nature of our modern life, where any professional needs continuous capacity building and practice.

We help our staff to sharpen their linguistic skills, be always on top of computer and software applications and programs, as well as developing their soft skills.

Through several years of experience, we became one of the most reliable companies with translators having exceptional writing skills with attention to details, with profound experience in tailoring content to different customers and uses.

They are also professional in using different relevant software and applications.

Translating English to Arabic

At EgyTranscript, all our Arabic Language translators are certified to translate English to Arabic with excellent time management, accuracy and speed.

They are as well native speakers of Arabic language and experts in its many dialects, with excellent knowledge of English language.

We highly value your time and respect deadlines; relying on our team of well trained translators, be always sure to get your work done on time.

Our competent translators are capable of working on documents in the following fields:

·        Accounting & Auditing

·        Advertising & Public Relations

·        Agriculture

·        Architecture

·        Arts and Humanities

·        Automotive

·        Building & Construction

·        Business / Commerce (General)

·        Banking

·        Economy

·        Education

·        Computer Software

·        Computers (General)

·        Copywriting

·        Engineering (Petroleum)

·        Folklore

·        Finance

·        Technical

·        Food / Nutrition

·        Forestry / Wood / Timber

·        General

·        Geography

·        Globalization

·        Government / Politics

·        History

·        Human Resources

·        Hotels & Hospitality

·        Industry and Technology (General)

·        Insurance

·        Industrial

·        IT / E-Commerce / Internet

·        Journalism

·        Law (Banking & Financial)

·        Law (Contracts)

·        Law (General)

·        Law (Patents, Trademarks, etc.)

·        Law (Taxation / Customs)

·        Linguistics

·        Literature / Poetry

·        Localization

·        Machinery & Tools

·        Management

·        Manufacturing

·        Marketing / Market Research

·        Mathematics & Statistics

·        Medicine (Cardiology – Dentistry – General – Health Care – Instruments – Pharmaceuticals)

·        Metallurgy

·        Music

·        Philosophy

·        Printing & Publishing

·        Real Estate

·        Religion

·        Shipping & Maritime

·        Slang

·        Social Science

·        Sports / Recreation / Fitness

·        Telecommunications

·        Transportation / Shipping

·        Travel & Tourism

·        Web localization

·        Zoology

If you have a project that you need to translate from Arabic to English or vice versa, don’t hesitate, contact us and learn more about our diversity of translation and other related services.

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