Accredited Translation Agency in Cairo

Accredited Translation Agency in Cairo

What made EgyTranscript the best agency that translates English and Arabic and made it an accredited company is that it managed to gather a distinguished team of translators, who successfully proved the company as the leading in the market. The imprint our agency left in the language industry made us proudly as well as confidently annunciate that we are one of the best worldwide accredited agencies to translate English, Arabic, and French..

Translate from Arabic to English

Since its foundation in 2007 EgyTranscript, had a main goal of becoming an officially recognized translation agency. We strived to reach out to as to diversity of clients not just in Egypt but all over the world. We provide the most professional translators who can translate from Arabic to English and vice versa.

In other words, in order for us to expand it was mandatory to be reliable to translate English and Arabic; as well as other languages.

Therefore, our ardent desire was to become a worldwide accredited translation agency. This remarkable accomplishment was the result of the colossal number of conferences EgyTranscript has so far translated in English and Arabic, which exceeded 200 international conferences. We are exponentially growing, and our growth is stimulated by our distinguishingly unique team who can easily translate in English and Arabic, whose enthusiasm, commitment, and most of all professionalism was paramount in thrusting our agency to evident success.

The Challenge:

EgyTranscript accepted the challenge. Our agency throughout the past seven years has conspicuously proven itself not just by presenting exquisite outcome, but also by being a means of communication between various cultures.

The role of our translation agency is not merely confined to Translate from Arabic to English one particular aspect which is expansion or rather making lucrative transactions, there is another dimension clients usually do not pay careful attention to which is building bridges.

Yes, our job at EgyTranscript is to bind various cultures and bring them close to each other. In order to achieve this aim we had to build a strategy that enabled us to compete and prove ourselves in the market, and later on become an accredited translation agency, translating in English and Arabic. We took the challenge and succeeded. We took it because we firmly believe that interacting with different cultures will definitely be beneficial on both levels personally and bottom line. We took the challenge because we simply do not wait for the future, we are building it.

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