Best Translation for Your Documents

Best Translation for Your Documents


EgyTranscript has always strived to provide professional language translators who excel at different subjects and respond to different market needs that are continuously increasing; with most businesses extending their outreach to more audience and countries.

Legal Translators:

One of the most needed fields of translation nowadays is legal translation. Several documents and contracts need careful talented language translators to transfer the content to another language as accurate and precise as possible.

Throughout our experience dozens of legal documents have been translated and delivered on time.

Due to establishing multinational companies and international banks in Egypt, there are countless legal documents translated every day.

No doubt this branch of translation in particular entails a certain level of finesse, which is guaranteed when documents are translated at EgyTranscript.

Technical Translation:

Technical translation is just another important field of language translation that needs high accuracy and precision.

It is a type of specialized language translation that includes documents written by technical personnel, for example, user manuals, and like documents.

In other words, the aim of this intricate branch of translation is to convey the meaning of technological subject areas or texts that tackle the practical application of scientific as well as technological data.

Here comes the role of EgyTranscript’s competent language translators who respond to various types of specialized texts that necessitates a high level of subject knowledge and craftiness of the pertinent terminology.

Our aim is to present the most accurate translation in today’s worldwide marketplace.

We have profound experience in providing technical translation of support documents, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance and standards information with a timely and cost-effective manner.

General Translation:

Translation simply means the process of conveying the meaning embedded in language x to language y, and vice versa. This arduous and sometimes hazardous process entails thorough knowledge and extensive experience. However, the word general refers to all sorts of translation not one branch in particular.

What distinguishes EgyTranscript than any other translation agency is that we offer the highest quality of work in all fields of language translation. The reason behind our excellence is that our agency managed to acquire over the years a constellation of the following qualities: experience, competence, efficiency & Frugality; which made us confidently as well as proudly proclaim to be the best choice for you.

The list of our accomplishments along with the colossal number of conferences we have covered so far in Egypt and abroad give us the confidence to assure our clients that they are in safe hands.

Now we come to the most significant part, the expenditure. It is one of the most, if not actually the most burdensome dilemma that gets to face any client looking for a proficient translation agency. Our aim or rather policy is to present the highest quality of work with the most reasonable prices. Our record speaks for itself.

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