Who is a competent Arabic Interpreter?

Who is a competent Arabic Interpreter?

English Arabic interpretation is one of sensitive fields that need extreme care and precision; where there is no correction possible after words are uttered.

It is further sensitive because an interpreter would translate Arabic to English for numerous attendees in a conference or a meeting; this makes a small mistake turns big.

At EgyTranscript, we understand very well how significant, yet sensitive, interpretation is; that’s why we pay utmost attention when hiring interpreters and continuously work to build and advance their capacities in the field of professional Arabic translation, whether to translate Arabic to English or vice versa.

Interpretation is more about quick Arabic translation to English or vice versa, with paramount concentration to be able to translate one sentence and think of the translation of the next at the same time; which is pretty challenging.

EgyTranscript have a competent team of translators and interpreters who can translate Arabic to English in a number of fields and industries; where they prove competent through their broad knowledge of both Arabic and English languages and long experience in working on different topics.

Apart from conventional uses of interpretation, our professional team can respond to diversity of interpretation assignments, like business meetings and seminars, as well as phone and skype interpretation.

Being based in Egypt we perceive it as a great advantage where we get proficient translators and interpreters who are excellent in Arabic translation to English and vice versa; nevertheless, it doesn’t stand as a limitation to where we expand our work.
We can easily transfer to any spot throughout MENA region and Europe; we can as well accept and deliver professional Arabic translation for any client anywhere in the globe.

How to pick the best in the market?

In order to choose an interpreter who can assist you with your event, delivering the best Arabic translation to English, and help you avoid any embarrassment, interpreters should fulfill certain criteria including but not limited to:

  • Mastering Arabic and English languages; including formal, informal, and slang
  • Experience with different modes of interpretation, simultaneous, consecutive, and whisper
  • Commitment and reliability

Professional Arabic Translation

EgyTranscript is proud to have interpreters who master both classic and colloquial Arabic; which is very important in translation and interpretation fields.

Modern Standard Arabic, also known as “Classical Arabic”, al-fus-ha, or “literary Arabic”, is the one mostly used in academia, media, courts, and other formal usages; and is the same for all Arabs everywhere.

The other however is known as “colloquial Arabic”, al-‘aamiyya, “dialectal Arabic,”or “the slang,”, which obviously includes different dialects for every country or number of countries. This is the spoken (rather than written) Arabic, people use every day and it is also used in ads, movies, and other productions.

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