Conference Interpreters Services

Conference Interpreters Services


Interpretation is oral translation of spoken words, simulating the speaker’s pace and tone.

Interpretation can be done in a number of ways; each suits certain situation and conditions; yet all serving for better communication.

Interpretation can be simultaneous (instant translation), where two interpreters sitting in a soundproofed booth. They listen to the speakers through headphones and should translate everything through the microphone, almost at the same time.

This mode of interpretation needs exceptionally skillful English Arabic translators who can come up with the meaning of the spoken sentence, while listening to the next one.

It is recommended that translators (English to Arabic or vice versa) receive background information or documents before the event, so they can do some search on the subject and main keywords.

Simultaneous interpretation is suitable for big conferences and events, where English Arabic translators translate to large number of audience who wear headphones and listen to the instant translation.

Consecutive interpretation however, is a role played by a talented interpreter to communicate a message from one language to another in segments, usually with the aid of notes.

Through this mode of interpretation, the interpreter usually works closely with the speaker, where the latter allows a pause for the interpreter to deliver his/her interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation is more suitable for meetings and workshops, where it is more time consuming, yet more cost effective.

The last mode of interpreting is Chuchotage, which is a French word for whispering, and whisper interpreting is a form of interpretation where the translator (English to Arabic or vice versa) stands or sits right next to the listener(s), whispering the speaker’s words in a different language.

It doesn’t require special tools or equipment, it is usually implemented when only one or two participants cannot understand the speaker’s language, which makes consecutive interpreting time consuming and simultaneous interpreting unnecessarily expensive.

Professional translators (English to Arabic or vice versa)

Many companies provide instant translation, among other translation and interpretation services, yet, there are different levels of knowledge and experience.

EgyTranscript is proud to work for different clients throughout the MENA region, both for translation and interpretation services.

Our competent English Arabic translators have profound experience in diversity of technical fields and industries; where they always prove committed, reliable, and accurate.

EgyTranscript succeeded to maintain the balance between high quality service and reasonable prices.

Another edge is our talented translators experience in all modes of interpreting, simultaneous, consecutive, and whisper.

This means we offer language translation for any event anytime and anywhere.

We also offer conference translation equipment rental, so covering the whole thing from A to Z.


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