Handling your event from A to Z

Handling your event from A to Z

Planning and managing events with its different proceedings is no doubt hectic and time consuming.

Normally, you’d have an event that involves different demands; coordination, managing logistics, and interpretation, among other issues.

In such cases, it is very important to have a competent and diverse team to take responsibility of planning events with different tasks involved; or outsourcing event organizing services.

By outsourcing relevant services; you’ll focus more on the technical part of the meeting or event.

It’s all about picking the right service provider!

EgyTranscript offers a wide range of event organizing services and solutions; that are not limited to translation or interpretation.

If you have a conference, workshop, or seminar, EgyTranscript can provide you with interpreters, interpretation equipment and sound systems; among other event support services.

We offer transcription and report writing services, both in Arabic and English; along with translating all the events’ documents.

We promise excellent event support services through our competent and committed team.

Event organizing services with attractive packages

We take care of logistics; including choosing the meeting venue, producing promotional material, badges, brochures, as well as receiving guests and handling interpretation issues from A to Z.

We have long experience in interpreting; we know what works for small and big events, and what necessary equipments to be used for each of them; where we are confident of the quality of both our interpreters and equipment.

We usually sit with the clients to know their specific needs and requirements and goals for the event or the meeting; so we can best fulfill their vision and meet their expectations.

Other event support services EgyTranscript provides, is taking care of the venue settings, organizing dinners or outings; with providing interpretation throughout different social events.

EgyTranscript offers very attractive packages for organizing the whole event, or just providing translation and interpretation services; with the ability to coordinate and manage video conferences and Skype meetings.

In addition to the aforementioned services, we can set and manage special website, with its social media before, during, and after the event, as well as handling the event registration.

Part of planning events also, is offering business travel services that include; airport and In-city transportation, as well as sightseeing for your guests while providing interpretation services.

Think well before getting yourself messed up with many tasks and burdens; and let us help you achieve a successful event.



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