Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo

Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo


Many individuals and companies search for language translation services, this will inevitably lead to endless number of translation agencies and freelance translators.

language translation services would as well lead to machine translation, which is not recommended as it is never as accurate as human’s.

But how would you choose the best or most professional company, what are your tools to pick the right one?

 You can rely on recommendations from your friends and colleagues; especially if you work in the same field or industry.

You can as well look into the portfolio of clients for potential companies, and see for yourself.

This is usually a good indication, for professional companies would have an impressive portfolio that speaks of the company’s competency.

Always pick a company that proved competent and committed, that is keen to deliver excellent work on time, with a team of professional translators, who are competent whether they translate into English or translate to Arabic, they should master both languages,

Only knowledgeable translation company can handle work from International clients, and deliver work on time, regardless of the client location or time zone.

At EgyTranscript, we have the capacity to work with clients everywhere, and translate their content into English or Arabic on time.

Whatever your translation needs are, we will respond to them, as we are not only qualified to translate to Arabic or into English, but we have a diversity of related services, like subtitling, narration, voice over, .etc.

After linguists translate the content into English, it should thoroughly reviewed and proofread; this is one more key for choosing the best company; having skillful copywriters and proofreaders.

Similarly, when translators translate to Arabic; the content should be reviewed by a native Arabic speaker or very skillful linguist to be sure it is flawless.

There are several cautions that the client should be aware of. First of all, when you think about an agreement with an organization associate overseas, you want to be 100% sure that everything is proceeding properly.

Selecting the correct company is especially important when you translate website or marketing content into English or Arabic.

We all know that prospective clients don't invest as much time and effort on your web page as you would like them to, so we need to make sure that what they discover on your website is not only exciting to them but also appropriate.


Only very careful translation will be acceptable, not at all language translation services; a translation that preserves the text and its essence.

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