Through its professional interpreters and translators, it has earned the trust of various clients in diversity of businesses where it helped them with Conference Interpretation and Translation Services in conferences/workshops/training courses, among other occasions.
You can see below diversity of services we provide, so you can choose what you need and be sure you’ll always be satisfied with the value of work.
If you need technical advice to decide what you need or how can we support you with your endeavors; don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about conference interpretation, conference organization, and conference translation services we offer, among other related tasks you might as well require.
You can also read below some news that shows our experience in responding to different clients’ needs and requirements; we offer a wide spectrum of language solutions, together with capability of conference organization.

CV Writing Services

CV Writing Services We all have the sufficient knowledge to write our resume, why bother and get someone to write it for us? Well, that…

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Translator or Interpreter?

Translator or Interpreter? Many people mistakenly think that any translator can perform interpretation and translation with the same efficiency and speed, and although some translators…

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Business Reports Writing 

Business Reports Writing  No doubt writing a report is a challenging job, so what about writing a business report to expose your work for the…

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Conference Interpreters Services

Conference Interpreters Services Interpretation is an oral translation of spoken words, simulating the speaker’s pace and tone. Interpretation can be done in a number of…

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Best Translation for Your Documents

Best Translation for Your Documents EgyTranscript has always strived to provide professional language translators who excel at different subjects and respond to different market needs…

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English Translation

English Translation Most probably when you google the term ‘English Translation’, the first results featured by the search engine will be online dictionaries or machine…

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Certificates Translation

Certificates Translation

Certificates Translation No doubt translation is an art… yet a very sensitive job that needs accuracy and precision. Talking about legal documents or birth certificates…

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Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services Websites are by far very influential communication tools that act to outreach to users, clients, and customers, etc. If we add that…

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Arabic Translators

Arabic Translators Arabic translators are increasingly needed for translation jobs; whether it is full time, part time, or freelance. Arabic translators are available almost everywhere,…

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Translation Types


Translation Types Translation is changing a given text from one language (source language) to another (target language). Excellent skills in both languages are required for…

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Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo


Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo                                                Many individuals and companies search for language translation services, this will inevitably lead to endless number of translation agencies…

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Arabic Translation

Copywriting Service

Arabic Translation No doubt outreaching to the Arab region is getting increasingly important due to different reasons. On one hand companies offering services and commodities…

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EgyTranscript Business Solutions

Professional Translation & Interpretation Services

EgyTranscript Business Solutions Any business working with overseas customers should consider professional translation a significant pillar for their outreach and success in global markets. It…

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Handling your event from A to Z


Handling your event from A to Z Planning and managing events with its different proceedings is no doubt hectic and time consuming. Normally, you’d have…

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