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Interpretation & Translation service provider In Egypt

EgyTranscript is a trusted "Interpretation and Translation service provider" in Egypt

EgyTranscript is the top interpretation service provider in Egypt for a number of high profile clients in Egypt and all over the world. We have earned our clients trust through meeting their needs interpretation & Translation service provider and special requirements; sometimes we even exceeded their expectations. Also been successful, in building long term working relationship with most of our clients who consider EgyTranscript their sole translation service provider, as well as managing English Arabic conference translation and interpretation, among other language solutions and services.

Our Clients Portofolio

Client portfolio includes private sector corporations, government and international organizations, donor agencies, and NGOs. Served clients in various industries that include international development, social development, economic empowerment, news broadcasting, FMCG, technology and telecommunications, financial and business services, legal consulting, pharmaceuticals, logistics, education, tourism and entertainment, and media and advertising.

Please read below the list of our clients:
  • Egyptian Presidency 
  • Egyptian Ministries:
    • Foreign Affairs
    • Communications and Information Technology
    • Environment
    • Petroleum
    • Water Resources and Irrigation
    • State For Administrative Development
    • Interior
    • Scientific Research
    • Education
    • Investment
    • Trade and Industry
    • Transportation
    • Health
  • The Economist
  • FourFourTwo
  • Aid To Artizans (USAID FUNDED)
  • Alfi Foundation
  • Allied
  • Al-Mozoon KSA
  • Americana
  • Arab Reform Initiative
More Clients:
  • Aramex
  • BBC
  • Belton Financial
  • Buhler AG
  • The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute
  • Egyptian Competitiveness Project ECP (USAID FUNDED)
  • Trade Facilitation Project TFP (USAID FUNDED)
  • Girls' Improved Learning Outcomes GILO (USAID FUNDED)
  • Egyptian Insurance Federation (EIF)
  • EEPC Egyptian Export Promotion Center
  • EU SAAP (European Union Support to the Association Agreement Program)
  • Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority (EISA)
  • IFES-International Foundation for Election Systems

Still More Clients:

  • ANND Lebanon
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • ACPSS [Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
  • ICC [Italian commercial Chamber]
  • ERF [Economic Research Forum]
  • AUC [American University in Egypt]
  • ERP [Education Reform Program]
  • Baraka Media Production
  • EFG-Hermes
  • Trade Egypt
  • Oasis Hotel 
  • Pulp Pictures 
  • GTS-
  • PepsiCo & CFI Middle East
  • Intel 
  • Pioneer 
  • GAAT International [Turkey]
  • Credit Agricole
  • GIZ [Germany]
Still More and More Clients:
  • Pfizer
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • African Export-Import Bank
  • Al Alfi Foundation
  • ARTOC – Auto 
  • ATC Consultants GmbH 
  • CIB Brand Department Commercial International Bank
  • The Egyptian Banking Institute
  • Egyptian Competition Authority
  • USAID Egypt’s Competitiveness Project (ECP)
  • Eldib - Attorneys at Law
  • Embassy of the Netherlands
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • Girls’ Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO)
  • HarassMap is
  • Injaz Egypt
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Management Sciences for Health
  • RAYAT Marketing Consultations
  • SAUDI ARAMCO TOTAL Refining & Petrochemical Company (SATORP)
  • Save the Children
  • TE Data
  • Trade Facilitation Project (TFP).
  • TILO
  • Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP)
    Office of the General Counsel


We highly value our clients’ feedback, and here are some of their testimonials on

English Arabic conference translation and other services:

“I had the pleasure to work with Mohammed Mourad on a USAID funded project in 2008, with the Egyptian Insurance Service Authority, where he was consecutive and written translation service provider in Egypt. He proved to be extremely proficient in English and competent in explaining complex insurance concepts, for which no Arabic word existed”, Jolie Bowler, USAID funded project, USA.


“I have hired Mohammed Mourad on a number of occasions to interpret written and oral communications between Arabic and English, he consistently does excellent work, and I would recommend him for employment as interpreter”, Joseph Cohen, Senior Enforcement Advisor for U.S. department of the Treasury, USA.

 Another Testimonial... 

“Mr. Mourad possesses techniques and skills of simultaneous interpretation and provides quality of professional work, I highly recommend him as translation or interpretation service provider”, Marlene Burke, Regional Middle East program manager, office of International Affairs, USA.

 Another Testimonial...

“We’ve been successfully working with EgyTranscript since 2012 in different projects with political institutions and civil society groups, where it provides excellent support for elbarlament in areas of English Arabic conference translation, both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in different countries, their work is a major factor in our company success”,  Tobias Flessenkemper, Managing Director and Partner, elbarlament, Berlin.

 Another Testimonial...

“It is my pleasure to recommend EgyTranscript as interpretation and translation service provider, they’ve done translation work for Nathan’s law, regulations, training materials, powerpoint presentations, correspondence, technical reports, and newspapers articles”,  Jaleen Moroney, Principle Associate and Egypt Representative, Nathan Associate Inc.

EgyTranscript is a pleasure to work with and has added a lot of value to our work. They do not simply “translate”, rather they can truly “interpret” and do an outstanding job of inputting meaning by capturing, synthesizing, and then expressing the “spirit” and “intention” of the message! EgyTranscript is a valuable asset… prompt and flexible…”

Ghaffar & Ghaffar International Law Office

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need English Arabic conference translation or any other service where EgyTranscript can always be your choice for a translation or interpretation service provider.

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