Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

All EgyTranscript translators and interpreters adhere to the following ethics:

Confidentiality: The interpreter/translator should always respect privacy and confidentiality of information and wouldn’t under any circumstances disclose any information provided by the client during the performance of interpretation or translation without the client approval.

Respect for different parties

Translators/interpreters should always show respect to people involved in interpreting process, translation assignments, and to copyrights.

Impartiality and Conflict of Interest

They should be impartial and disclose any potential conflict of interest that may interfere with their objectivity while translation or interpretation.


Translators/Interpreters should be fully aware of their linguistic limitations and reject assignments that go beyond their competences. They should only accept assignments in fields where they have both knowledge and experience.

They should strive to provide accurate and high quality service on time.