I am a Senior Enforcement Advisor on a contract basis for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Technical Assistance. I have hired Mohamed Mourad in Cairo, Egypt on a number of occasions to interpret both written and oral communications between Arabic and English. He consistently does excellent work and I would recommend him for employment as an interpreter.

Email: icohen@otatreas.us U.S. Mobile: 312-320-8010

J. Cohen

As consultants, we spend a good deal to get somewhere and to present, whether at conferences, trainings, or meetings. This money is wasted if we cannot effectively communicate. With Mohamed Mourad, I am confident that my communications are effective, and that my message are clearly understood. I would recommend him, without reservation, to anyone requiring professional interpretation services. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Michael J. McCord

As an overseas contractor, I can’t say how delighted I am that my principal hired Mohamed Mourad and his team. They first translated a large number of highly technical documents in a very short time. These documents were sourced from English speaking sources, and Mohamed managed to translate them accurately, and make them relevant to Egypt today.
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Richard Greenhough

Nothing delights more than finding a service that is willing to go the extra mile. I called in my request to translate three urgent documents after trying several other agencies put forth a series of constraints why they can’t handle my request. With only a couple of hours to my deadline Mohamed promised that it will be done and it was the most cost effective quotation. Thank you Egytranscript for this great service. Proud to see you raising the bar for quality service in Egypt.

Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed