As an overseas contractor, I can’t say how delighted I am that my principal hired Mohamed Mourad and his team. They first translated a large number of highly technical documents in a very short time. These documents were sourced from English speaking sources, and Mohamed managed to translate them accurately, and make them relevant to Egypt today.

When my colleague and I arrived and started working, both Mohamed and Afnan have been our interpreters. They do an outstanding job. Again, the work is technical on a number of levels. They rise to the challenge. Because we are introducing something new to Egypt, and some habitual stances need to be changed, egos can be bruised – our interpreters manage to soften this process. I like to use humour in my work, and can safely do so when Mohamed or Afnan are interpreting without fear of giving offence. Mohamed is actually going well beyond his contract – largely managing the document updating process as well as everything else.

If I ever had work with other organisations in Arabic speaking countries, I would be asking the organisation to get Mohamed Mourad to work with me.