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Welcome to EgyTranscript,  your Professional English, Arabic Translation Company

EgyTranscript is the leading Arabic translation agency, capable of managing Arabic to English translationand vice versa, among other language pairs it works with. As a certified English translation company, it offers diversity of services that will respond to all your needs. It provides translation, interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, & whisper), desktop publishing (DTP), and copywriting. It also grants transcription, subtitling, copyediting and proofreading, voice over transcription, localization, and web development & design. It can as well provide interpreting equipment and conference equipment rental, this made EgyTranscript a one-stop-shop language solution.

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We work mainly in the field of Arabic into English and English into Arabic translation, in addition to French, German, and Spanish in Arabic language pairs. Other pairs can be provided upon your request.

As a professional Arabic translation agency, EgyTranscript believes professional translators are not just bilingual individuals; they are those who are passionate for language and can feel and manipulate words, maintaining an easy and culture sensitive format.

Why EgyTranscript is your best choice as Arabic, English Translation Company?

EgyTranscript has an impressive portfolio of respected clients that keeps increasing. We have earned their trust as the best Arabic translation agency, through our accurate translation and our commitment to deliver the best timely service for their business. Our reputation is built through providing high quality, speedy, tailored services to suit each individual client's needs.

Through its extended network, EgyTranscript promises to deliver the best translation and interpretation services. Our qualified and friendly team of translators, proofreaders and style editors ensures keeping our position as the top Arabic, English Translation Company quality translation, following the highest standards of professionalism.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our strict selection of experienced translators who are well trained, fully equipped and always ready to work within a highly competitive environment, showing excellence, dedication and professionalism as permanent and ever-evolving assets along the way.

EgyTranscript is very keen to cater to different clients’ needs and requirements and to always be their constant choice of Arabic translation company. We strive to understand every single and unique detail of various assignments we work on, be it translation, interpretation, or any other service.. 15 years as a professional Arabic, English Translation company with big number of clients in a diversity of industries made it clear that fast, accurate, reliable translation services and interpretation services are crucial to their project success.

Simply put, EgyTranscript is your best choice as English Arabic Translation Agency because:

EgyTranscript is a full-scale English, Arabic translation agency operating in highly technical fields.

EgyTranscript has provided unique solutions to governmental and non-governmental organization, as well as private sector and corporates.

EgyTranscript  can successfully handle large-scale projects.

EgyTranscript can compile bilingual corporate glossaries.

EgyTranscript is an Arabic translation agency that can manage terminology and language content as well as Translation Memory databases in a wide range of fields including automotive, civil aviation, environment, information technology, medicine and pharmacy, oil and petroleum, and others.

EgyTranscript can handle your projects in the following fields: Economy - Business - Finance - Banking - Insurance - Hotels & Hospitality - Marketing - Web localization - Management - Education - Industrial - Automotive - Technical - Engineering - IT - Science - Architecture - Legal - Medical - Arts - Literature - History - Philosophy - Poetry… the list goes on.

EgyTranscript team is always happy and thrilled to answer your questions and provide you with the best services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience through 

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Giza, Egypt
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Telefax: +20-2-3762-9100
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