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EgyTranscript is the leading company in the field of conference translation and interpretation.Articles about Translation Services

Through its professional interpreters and translators, it has earned the trust of various clients in diversity of businesses where it helped them with Conference Interpretation and Translation Services in conferences/workshops/training courses, among other occasions.
You can see below diversity of services we provide, so you can choose what you need and be sure you’ll always be satisfied with the value of work.
If you need technical advice to decide what you need or how can we support you with your endeavors; don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about conference interpretation, conference organization, and conference translation services we offer, among other related tasks you might as well require.
You can also read below some news that shows our experience in responding to different clients’ needs and requirements; we offer a wide spectrum of language solutions, together with capability of conference organization.

  • Website Translation Services

    Website Translation Services Websites are by far very influential communication tools that act to outreach to users, clients, and customers, etc. If we add that most websites now have different pages, featuring the same content but in different languages; this result in unprecedented way of doubling the target audience. For some businesses, it is fundamental to reach out to different Continue Reading

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  • Arabic Translators

    Arabic Translators Arabic translators are increasingly needed for translation jobs; whether it is full time, part time, or freelance. Arabic translators are available almost everywhere, nevertheless, some Arabic translation services need very competent Arabic linguist rather than a translator. If you are looking for instance for dubbing service for a movie, video, or a documentary; you’d necessarily need a translator/linguist Continue Reading

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  • Who is a competent Arabic Interpreter?

    Who is a competent Arabic Interpreter? English Arabic interpretation is one of sensitive fields that need extreme care and precision; where there is no correction possible after words are uttered. It is further sensitive because an interpreter would translate Arabic to English for numerous attendees in a conference or a meeting; this makes a small mistake turns big. At EgyTranscript, Continue Reading

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  • Translation Glossary, What is that?

    Translation Glossary, What is that? Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms in a specific knowledge field, with their definitions. This is what you see at the end of a book, including new, uncommon, or specialized terms. A glossary in the translation context however is a bit different, it is not about clarifying uncommon terms for the public; it is Continue Reading

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  • Accredited Translation Agency in Cairo

    Accredited Translation Agency in Cairo What made EgyTranscript the best agency that translates English and Arabic and made it an accredited company is that it managed to gather a distinguished team of translators, who successfully proved the company as the leading in the market. The imprint our agency left in the language industry made us proudly as well as confidently Continue Reading

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  • Cheap Translation Agency in Cairo Egypt

    Cheap Translation Agency in Cairo Egypt EgyTranscript is not literally a cheap translation agency in Cairo Egypt; it rather provides the clients the highest quality of Arabic English translators, with minimum possible prices. In other words, EgyTranscript as a language translator mainly focuses on alluring clients from across the globe not just by presenting impressive outputs, but also by facilitating Continue Reading

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  • Best Translating Agency in Cairo Egypt

    Best Translating Agency in Cairo Egypt Looking for a competent translating agency in Cairo, Egypt? Aiming at a competent as well as cost effective translation agency? Tired of searching throughout the internet without fruitful result? EgyTranscript is the answer. Although the language industry involves numerous translating agencies, EgyTranscript is the best translation agency in Cairo-Egypt, you won’t be able to Continue Reading

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  • Translation Types

    Translation Types Translation is changing a given text from one language (source language) to another (target language). Excellent skills in both languages are required for a good translator to be able to translate the text accurately. For example, to deliver good Arabic translations when you translate from English; you should have excellent skills in English language. There are two main Continue Reading

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  • Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translator in Egypt/Cairo

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translator in Egypt/Cairo It is not uncommon to see companies handling their translations internally, by doing necessary translation through one of the team, or a freelance translator; usually to translate to English or other languages from Arabic. Well, this is the easy way, not the efficient! The efficient way however you can experience when you Continue Reading

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  • Best Translation for Your Documents

    Best Translation for Your Documents   EgyTranscript has always strived to provide professional language translators who excel at different subjects and respond to different market needs that are continuously increasing; with most businesses extending their outreach to more audience and countries. Legal Translators: One of the most needed fields of translation nowadays is legal translation. Several documents and contracts need Continue Reading

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  • Experienced Translation Agency in Cairo Egypt

    Experienced Translation Agency in Cairo Egypt EgyTranscript is an experienced translation agency in Cairo whose main goal is to convey the most accurate meaning to the reader, audience, or listener. Whether it’s Arabic into English or English to Arabic translation, EgyTranscript always provides excellent translation work. In other words, what distinguishes EgyTranscript as one of the best translation agencies is Continue Reading

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  • Editing and Proofreading, does it matter?

    Editing and Proofreading, does it matter? If you want to translate a document and make sure it is of high quality and grammatically perfect, you should know a bit about what editing and proofreading are; and why it matters. It is not uncommon to confuse editing with proofreading; they even overlap sometimes. Nevertheless, it is important for everyone to know Continue Reading

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  • Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo

    Professional Translation Company in Egypt/Cairo                                                Many individuals and companies search for language translation services, this will inevitably lead to endless number of translation agencies and freelance translators. language translation services would as well lead to machine translation, which is not recommended as it is never as accurate as human’s. But how would you choose the best or most professional Continue Reading

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  • English Translation

    English Translation Most probably when you google the term ‘English Translation’, the first results featured by the search engine will be online dictionaries or machine translation. Well, this might be because many people believe they can get their content translated through Google or online translation tools. English translation however, is meant to be someone (a human being not a machine) Continue Reading

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  • Arabic Translation

    Arabic Translation No doubt outreaching to the Arab region is getting increasingly important due to different reasons. On one hand companies offering services and commodities are outreaching to more audience everywhere, and on the other hand, there is growing interest to understand more about the region after Arab spring took the region by storm. For the reasons above and much Continue Reading

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  • EgyTranscript Business Solutions

    EgyTranscript Business Solutions Any business working with overseas customers should consider professional translation a significant pillar for their outreach and success in global markets. It is of utmost importance to reach people in their own language if you compete for global market share. EgyTranscript provides you a whole range of professional translation services that will help you progress steadily with Continue Reading

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  • Handling your event from A to Z

    Handling your event from A to Z Planning and managing events with its different proceedings is no doubt hectic and time consuming. Normally, you’d have an event that involves different demands; coordination, managing logistics, and interpretation, among other issues. In such cases, it is very important to have a competent and diverse team to take responsibility of planning events with Continue Reading

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  • Conference Interpreters Services

    Conference Interpreters Services   Interpretation is oral translation of spoken words, simulating the speaker’s pace and tone. Interpretation can be done in a number of ways; each suits certain situation and conditions; yet all serving for better communication. Interpretation can be simultaneous (instant translation), where two interpreters sitting in a soundproofed booth. They listen to the speakers through headphones and Continue Reading

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  • Why Choosing EgyTranscript?

    Why get your Translations done through EgyTranscript?   There are very important questions that anyone looking for a translation service provider should arrive at and will definitely need to look for answers to. They should come before entering a contract with a freelance translator or translation agency. They are the very questions we asked ourselves before we thought of engaging with this globalized Continue Reading

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