that believes learning is an ongoing process of joy and maturity. It strives for excellence and competency, and continuously works to develop its team of professional English Arabic translators and interpreters, together with advancing its services and reaching out to new clients and markets.
Our agency works on the following language pairs on daily basis: English into Arabic, Arabic into French and vice versa – Arabic into German and vice versa – Arabic into Italian and vice versa – Arabic into Spanish and vice versa. We can also provide other pairs according to our clients’ needs. Our team of fully trained professional English Arabic translators and interpreters are always ready to provide the best service to our esteemed clients.

We have an extended network of translators and interpreters in different language pairs, and experienced professional English Arabic interpreters who have proven efficient and problem solving in different situations and capable of handling complex content in different conferences, workshops, and training courses.

Please find below our gallery of photographs featuring our team while on duty, as well as some videos for interpretation work we’ve done; now you can virtually meet our personnel and assess our quality.


EgyTranscript has a broad spectrum of esteemed clients from diversity of fields, whom we offer English into Arabic translation, among other language solutions.

Through our photos you’d be able to see clearly how we have succeeded in building strong trust and long term relationship with those clients.

You’ll also be able to meet our team of professional English Arabic interpreters and translatorswho always strive to deliver the best quality.

Videos for the experience of EgyTranscript professional English interpreters:

EgyTranscript likes to give you a glimpse of our professional English Arabic interpreters’ work, where you can touch how challenging their profession is and how it might be really hard in some situations to deliver exactly the same content in a different language. It is obvious however, that our staff is confident, competent, and taking culture sensitivities into consideration; ensuring excellent and easily comprehendible content.

Watching different forms of interpretation in the featured videos will help you value the competency and professionalism of our team.

If you need English into Arabic translation, contact us and work with our professional English Arabic translators’ team; be always sure that you will get the best professional and cost effective service.


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