Professional Translation & Interpretation Services

EgyTranscript offers you professional translation service

around the clock in different languages, in diversity of fields, and anywhere all over the globe; ensuring the ultimate balance between excellent quality and competitive price. We work with different language pairs and provide translation service into spoken languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Arabic.

Professional Translation & Interpretation Services

Wait; is there other language pair that you require in your translation service?

Well, we can probably provide you with the best translation service in any language pair, thanks to our vast and diverse network of highly qualified and professional staff. Our qualified and friendly team of translators, proofreaders and style editors ensures that your translation service maintains high quality, with terminology being carefully employed, and style precisely reviewed, rendering the translation a real mirror of the source with all its hints and connotations. 

Here are fields in which we provide translation services:

Accounting & Auditing, Advertising & Public Relations, Agriculture, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Automotive, Building & Construction, Business / Commerce (General), Computer Software, Computers (General), Copywriting, Engineering (Petroleum), Folklore, Food / Nutrition, Forestry / Wood / Timber, General, Geography, Globalization, Government / Politics, History, Human Resources, IT / E-Commerce / Internet, Industry and Technology (General), Insurance, Journalism, Law (Banking & Financial), Law (General), Law (Contracts), Law (Taxation / Customs), Linguistics, Literature / Poetry, Localization, Machinery & Tools, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing / Market Research, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine (General), Medicine (Cardiology), Medicine (Dentistry), Medicine (Health Care), Medicine (Instruments), Medicine (Pharmaceuticals), Metallurgy, Music, Philosophy, Printing & Publishing, Real Estate, Religion, Shipping & Maritime, Slang, Social Science, Sports / Recreation / Fitness, Telecommunications, Transportation / Shipping, Travel & Tourism, Law (Patents, Trademarks, Etc.), Zoology. We offer translation and interpretation services for all the above fields.

EgyTranscript offers you professional interpretation services

Services we offer:

1- Interpretation:

Interpretation is a very tricky profession that needs highly qualified personnel, with thorough experience and comprehensive knowledge of different dialects and understanding of cultures sensitivities. Our interpretation service is another edge that we are proud of! We're one of the fastest growing providers in the industry and we strive to deliver 100% accurate interpretation service that is highly authentic and might sometimes exceed your expectations.

Similarly to translation, there is the source language (SL) and the target language (TL). The difference, however, is that translation is written down, whereas interpretation is spoken. In professional practice, interpretation facilitates communication between individuals, who speak different languages.

A language interpreter converts a thought or expression of a source language into an expression with a comparable meaning in a target language in "real time". The interpreter's function is to convey every semantic element (tone and register), as well as, every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to the target-language recipients. Read more.

People use EgyTranscript’s interpretation service because they know we’ll get it right. We’ll listen attentively, we’ll learn, and we’ll carefully manage the interpretation process to make sure their business is well expressed– whatever the language is. EgyTranscript interpretation service puts the expertise of translators and interpreters at your hands, combined with the simplicity and security.

Arab Hub of Translation Services

EgyTranscript is a company based in Egypt; the heart of the Arab world. We translate all business languages; which is our specialty.Our translation services are fast, accurate and professional. We promise to translate while keeping an eye on your requirements and standards and working closely with you to get it done the way you deem correct. Our expert linguists translate millions of words every month, successfully delivering projects to our clients from all over the world, in almost every major industry.

Despite the presence of several translation companies, EgyTranscript is consistently chosen over others due to its reliability in providing superior accuracy, delivering on time and granting more competitive prices. It is one of the few translation companies that has -and will always make the effort-successfully provided translation services to over 3,000 clients within the Arab region and all over the globe.

Be always sure that our team will translate every component of your project professionally and confidentially. As a client, you can rely on EgyTranscript to meticulously manage the workflow and ensure the highest quality in the market.

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