Conference Organization Equipment Rental

Conference Organization Equipment Rental Service

EgyTranscript provides Conference Organization Equipment Rental  for simultaneous interpretation and interpreters all over the world.

Whether your event is a small meeting or a large international conference, our Conference Organization Equipment Rental service will provide you with interpretation equipment and booths, as well as whisper-interpretation systems.

Conference Organization Equipment Rental

In our translation equipment rental service,

we can guide you and recommend most

appropriate equipment according to the event.

Usually we recommend full-size booths

for interpreters and headsets for the audience

in case of international conferences or big events.

However, in smaller meetings or break-out sessions we recommend a less expensive solution – a portable (tour guide) interpretation system consisting of a small transmitter and wireless receivers for the listeners.

Translation Booth Rental

At EgyTranscript, we don’t only have some of the most talented and professional simultaneous interpreters and translators, but we also provide translation booth rental.

There are some important parameters to be taken into consideration for achieving the best results, for example, booth’s sound insulation, dimensions, and air quality. The sound quality of the headphones and microphones is also of prime importance for the interpreters to be able to listen well and interpret accordingly. It is also substantial for the audience to catch the interpretation. Through our translation booth rental service, we pay utmost attention for every aspect and detail, from the beginning of the event until it successfully ends.

Conference interpretation equipment rental

At EgyTranscript, weprofessionally provide your event with stress-free Conference interpretation equipment rental:

    • Soundproof Interpreting Booths – Our Conference interpretation equipment rental provides you with simple interpreter’s booths that allow conference interpreters suitable and convenient working place. Our interpreter’s booths meet the ISO standard for portable booths. Our professional standard booths are finished in aluminum and white or aluminum and off white and fit discreetly into most venues. Externally they measure 1.80 x 1.80 x 2M high and 2.50 x 1.80 x 2M high.
    • Interpreter Consoles, Mixers, Recording Devices – which have different patterns to cater for different events.
    • Experienced Interpreting Equipment Technicians – Technicians at EgyTranscript are competent professionals who can assist in the set up as well as monitoring interpreting systems throughout the conference duration.
    • Microphone Systems & Push to talk conference microphones for panel discussions – Conference interpretation systems must be supported by microphones used by speakers and guests to enable the interpreters to adequately hear their voices. The conference organizers can choose types of microphones needed. They may be any or a combination of the following:
    • Headsets and portable listening devices – During the conference, a headset is provided to any guest who wishes to listen to the live translation. We offer high quality and light weight headsets for easy and efficient usage.
    • Wireless/Wired Transmitters – EgyTranscript uses wireless IR or RF systems.
    • Delegate Units – Including microphones and headphones
    • On-site Technical Support – Our technicians follow up the installing process, ensuring that equipment is securely set up, meets requirements, and tested. Throughout the conference or event duration, technicians operate the system to ensure it is optimum operation for clear and natural speech. Another important role for our technicians is to facilitate between interpreters, organizers, and delegates so that the event runs smoothly.
  • Plasma Screens and more

      • Tie/lapel: by which a speaker can move around and give a speech.
      • Lectern: which enables speakers to talk directly to the audience
      • Table or Stand: can be controlled by delegates/audience to talk into by using push-to-talk buttons.
    • Wireless: are hand held and can be taken to members of an audience when they want to speak.

If you have a conference or a workshop and you need conference interpretation equipment rental, don’t hesitate; contact us immediately, we will be happy to discuss with you possible solutions for your event, and deliver the most professional and cost effective service. 

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