Conference translation booth

Conference Translation Equipment Rental Service in Egypt

EgyTranscript’s conference translation equipment rental in Egypt

provides you with necessary tools that enable conference interpreters to listen to the event discussions and instantly translate them into the ears of the participants in a different language through headphones.

Conference Translation Equipment Rental

Needless to say that buying such equipment for only one event will be pretty expensive; conference translation equipment rental in Egypt would then work as the best alternative.

EgyTranscript offers the best state-of-the-art interpretation equipment rental in Egypt.

The set of equipment you need will depend on a number of factors, for instance the number of foreign participants and languages spoken; among other factors.

The equipment you might need includes interpretation booths (one per output language), interpreter consoles, mixer, transmission system, headset receivers for participants and interpreters, and microphonesfor interpreters and for participants.

EgyTranscript Offers You the Best Seminar Equipment Rental in Egypt!

If you are arranging a multilingual seminar and still wondering where the best place to outsource seminar equipment rental in Egypt, we will be more than happy to help you with that and get you the most suitable and cost effective package.

Our seminar equipment + interpretation support packages are catered to fit our clients’ various requirements.

We have a team of highly talented and professional interpreters who are well known with their competency; they will be always ready to help you with your seminar or meeting and guarantee successful event along with the best seminar equipment rental in Egypt.

EgyTranscript’s Interpretation equipment rental in Egypt

We have exceptionally talented and professional interpreters who have broad knowledge in different technical fields and profound experience in interpretation.

We provide several types of interpretation equipment rental service in Egypt depending on the size and pace of the event; our experience in the field enables us to provide cost effective and efficient wireless interpretation solutions.

The equipment comprises interpretation booth, which is an insulated cabin established inside the conference hall for the interpreter(s) so they wouldn’t interfere with the speakers’ voices and perform their job efficiently in a discrete environment.

Choosing the place of the booth is very crucial to the interpretation process, it can be a bit tricky to ensure that the voice of the interpreter does not interfere with or cause any disturbance to the speakers.

The booth thus is a key element that should allow interpreters utmost focusing and at the same time minimize participants’ distraction; this will ensure a smooth and efficient interpretation.

EgyTranscript can provide you with booths in different sizes that can accommodate up to three interpreters at the same booth.

Our interpreter’s booths meet the ISO standard for similar equipment and are completely soundproof. Externally, they measure 1.80 X 1.80 X 2M high and 2.50 X 1.80 X 2M high. They are composed of easily installed panels that allow different configurations.

Our professional standard booths are finished in aluminum and white or aluminum and off white panels that will mostly suit any event setting and decorations.

EgyTranscript offers the best interpretation equipment rental in Egypt that supports multi language translation.

With the proper audio visual equipment and sound systems that we provide, translation booths can accommodate interpreters of more than one language; ensuring complete sound insulation among interpreters.

Whatever the nature or the extent of your event is, EgyTranscript will help you from A to Z; starting from guiding you to the best suitable and cost effective package till the termination of the event.

Don’t hesitate, contact our team any time and get the best service and equipment in the market.

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