Professional Sound System Rental Service in Egypt

EgyTranscript is the lead company in sound system rental in Egypt and the region;

We have long experience with providing different events with sound systems that respond to their needs and requirements, while helping our clients with the setup and technical support throughout the event.

we have long experience with providing different events with sound systems that respond to their needs and requirements, while helping our clients with the setup and technical support throughout the event.

Sound System Rental in Egypt

Best conference sound system rental

Our specialized conference sound system rental will help you get excellent service with affordable prices.

At EgyTranscript, we provide top of the industry conference sound system rental services that ensure clarity of the sound throughout the conference duration.

At EgyTranscript, we don’t only provide conference sound system rental in Egypt and other countries in the region, we also provide full conference organization equipment rental including audio visual equipment, translation booth rental, and tour guide systems.

On the other hand, we also provide highly qualified and talented interpreters, who are experienced in different modes of interpretation, simultaneous, consecutive, and whisper interpretation.

We offer a full package of event sound system rental

-         Sound system: portable or enhanced to cover a large area

-         Microphones: delegate microphones, wireless roaming microphones, small lapel microphones, and lecterns (podium microphones)

-         Headsets: wireless headphones, translation channeled headphones, and microphone headphones

We also offer on-site technical support to take care of all details related to the equipment installation and operation, and to facilitate the participants’ usage of the equipment.

The event sound system rental EgyTranscript offers can be one of the two following options:

1-     Radio frequency sound systems (RF): This is equipment that conveys sounds over FM waves. It is a cost effective solution that uses wireless transmissions received by the event participants tuning to its channel. The system is recommended for huge events to transmit through walls and sometimes in open areas.

Radio-frequency transmission is not a new technology; however, it is the most common as it is the most powerful with the largest coverage range.

RF configuration comprises one to three transmitters and at least one receiver, depending on the area to be covered. The transmitter, connected to an audio source – to a microphone system, so, it picks up the audio signals and transmit them wirelessly to the receivers.

RF is usually used in lectures and seminars, tour guides, and open air events.

With several channels, RF is especially recommended in case of simultaneous interpreting into different languages.

2-     Infrared sound systems (IR): This provides coverage over a large area allowing delegates to be mobile with the help of cordless infra-red receiver and headsets. The transmission is distributed from a number of infrared radiators installed around a room depending on the number of channels to be transmitted, the size of the area to be covered, and the texture and color of the walls. It is the best solution in case discussions are confidential.



Sometimes you might need an event sound system rental in addition to, or in place of the system provided by the hotel or conference hall.

This would happen in one of the following cases:

1. There is another stream of sounds needs to run parallel to the conference discussions, for example, the voice of interpreters that needs to be transmitted into the wireless headphones of the participants.

2. In case multiple speakers are speaking at the same time, or you need to run music background that cannot be supported by the meeting hall.

You can always discuss with our team the specifications of your event, and they will guide you to the best event sound system rental package for your needs.

No need to be confused over options, just contact us and we will take it from there.

Whether you are planning for a conference, business meeting, or a training course; always remember that sound system is pretty substantial for your event’s success and outreaching to your audience.

Go ahead and create your event, confident with the best event sound system rental.

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