Tour guide translation system

دTour Guide System Rental Service in Egypt!

EgyTranscript offers a wide range of tour guide system rental in Egypt that caters for different customers’ needs.

Tour Guide System Rental

No doubt wireless tour guide system is unprecedented tool that highly assists communication between different participants during a tour, an exhibition, or a meeting, where the attendees don’t exceed 25 participants.

If you are planning a tour on the move where you have diversity of nationalities with different languages, you will definitely need tour guide system rental(also called tour guide translation systems).

EgyTranscript offers interpretation services during tours as well as tour guide system rental in different parts of Egypt.

A tour in a museum or while sightseeing is an excellent example of how messy it could be without having tour guide system.

The same applies for exhibitions, road shows, bus tours, and other similar events, especially when involving different languages.

We offer tour guide system rental in Egypt that keeps your tour guide focusing and go through his/her work smoothly, while allowing your tourists a pleasant and informative time.

This is especially correct where the tour is taking place in noisy settings and you need high quality equipment to maintain good communication between the interpreter and the participants whether tourists or otherwise.

Tour Guide Headsets Rental Services

Tour guide systems can also be used in small meetings as an excellent alternative to whisper interpretation, consecutive translation or translation booths.

No matter how many participants you have on the tour, EgyTranscript is always ready to offer tour guide headsets rental to accommodate them all. This will be very crucial for the whole process as tour guide headsets rental is an integral part of our whole process.

The tour guide system consists of set of small microphones with transmitters set of headphones, which will accompany our highly talented and professional interpreters as they communicate speech from the tour guide to the participants. 

The tour guide systems use radio frequency to enable interpreters to talk to the tour participants on the move, or while visiting places. Here, the interpreter has a microphone and the participants are supplied with built-in tuner headphones.

Noise elimination and sound clarity will be of utmost importance in this case for such equipment where EgyTranscript strictly offers the highest quality of equipment. We guarantee you the best tour guide headsets rental.

Note: if there will be any participant interventions, natural voice communications will be used and may be facilitated by our professional interpreters.

The Best Interpretation Equipment Rental in Egypt!

Translation and interpretation are our main fields of expertise, and providing the best interpretation equipment rental in Egypt makes EgyTranscript one stop shop for all what you need technically and linguistically.

EgyTranscript always picks the best professional interpreter along with the best quality interpretation equipment rental in Egypt that are tailored technically and designed carefully to suit different events.

EgyTranscript provides top of the industry equipment and highly responsive interpretation to ensure your event success.

We have exceptionally talented and professional interpreters who have broad knowledge in different technical fields and profound experience in interpretation.

We provide several types of interpretation equipment rental service in Egypt depending on the size and pace of the event; our experience in the field enables us to provide cost effective and efficient wireless interpretation solutions.

Please talk to our experts and discuss your needs, so we can guide you to the best package that goes along with your settings and budget; while always offering the best quality tour guide headsets rental and interpretation equipment rental in Egypt.

EgyTranscript can also help you with arranging events.

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