Our professional technicians will further guide you throughout the event duration, ensuring a smooth, flowing, and successful event.

visual equipment rental services we provide

Our audio visual equipment rental in Egypt, dubai and united states varies according to the event number of attendees, location space, multilingualism, among other factors. Here are some of the audio

  • Conference discussion systems, Push to talk and voting systems : Our role is to make sure participants communicate smoothly through presentable and fully working equipment. Language selection is also available for conferences with more than three spoken languages.
  • Video and photo recording services : Our offer is a full package of the most recent full HD video and digital cameras rental with professional cameramen, sound integration solutions, live streaming, production services and delivery in digital format. We can also provide subtitling services for the produced videos upon request.
  • Sound systems with wired/wireless microphone systems : EgyTranscript deals only with the clearest sound equipment and provides on-site professional technician support.
  • Projectors and plasma screens : At EgyTranscript, we are committed to providing your event with the clearest shows and presentations. Visual equipment capabilities and budgets can vary according to the event size and type of information displayed, and our professional team will be always happy to guide you to the most efficient solutions for each event.

We can provide you with a diversity of projector and screen package rentals for a flowing and stress-free event.

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reliable translation equipment rental

No doubt language bridging is substantial for any event or gathering; it cannot be thus missed or compromised.

We are proud to offer the best translation equipment rental in Egypt. We provide several types of translation equipment rental service in Egypt depending on the size and pace of the event.

providing conference equipment rental

EgyTranscript’s A to Z event organization service is your best choice. We can take care of all bits and pieces of your conference organization including conference equipment rental in Egypt. Given that buying such equipment would be too costly for an event, our conference translation equipment rental is the most efficient solution.

There are different ways to document a conference or an event; you either keep sound or video recordings for the event or transferring the audio into written text, i.e. transcription.

Photography Equipment Rental

EgyTranscript, as the leading company, provides the best photography equipment rental services. It has the latest photography equipment such as photography cameras and lenses, all accessories, photography equipment, the latest HD videos, and digital cameras. It also has the best professional photographers ensuring the highest quality photography at the best prices. clients can also easily contact EgyTranscript which provides these services in Dokki, Maadi, New Cairo, and all over Cairo, so be confident in choosing EgyTranscript.

Push to Talk Devices Rental

Through EgyTranscript, you can also rent push-to-talk devices such as two-way radios and walkie-talkies that enable instant communication. These devices are used in remote areas with poor communication. They are also user-friendly; just by pressing one button

providing audio conference equipments

Interpreter Consoles, Mixers and Recording Devices –
We have multi-configurations of the best quality equipment that ensure clearest sound delivery.

Microphone Systems & Push to talk conference microphones for panel discussions –
Conference interpretation systems must be supported by microphones used by speakers and guests to enable the interpreters to adequately hear their voices. They can be used for recording the event on audio or video files, the conference organizers can choose types of microphones needed. They may be any or a combination of the following:

  • Headsets and portable listening devices – During the conference, a headset is provided to any guest who wishes to listen to the live translation. We offer high quality and lightweight headsets for easy and efficient usage.
  • Wireless/Wired Transmitters – EgyTranscript uses wireless IR or RF systems.
  • Delegate Units – Including microphones and headphones
  • On-site Technical Support – Our technicians follow up the installing process, ensuring that equipment is securely set up, meets requirements, and tested. Throughout the conference or event duration, technicians operate the system to ensure it is optimum operation for clear and natural speech. Another important role for our technicians is to facilitate between interpreters, organizers, and delegates so that the event runs smoothly.

Sound System for Rent

If you are an organizer of events, parties, or conferences, you need to reach out to EgyTranscript company as it meets all the requirements and also provides full technical support throughout the event period. It also provides the audio-visual equipment rental service in Egypt at the best prices and high quality that satisfy the valued customers. EgyTranscript also seeks to provide modern and advanced sound systems covering a large area. It also offers loudspeakers, wireless headphones, and microphones, in addition to providing all technical assistance throughout the event period, so never hesitate to contact EgyTranscript.

Conference Equipment Rental

EgyTranscript seeks to provide the best audio-visual equipment rental service in Egypt. It also rents all conference equipment supervised by a full technical support team during the conference. EgyTranscript provides the latest conference discussion systems, push-to-talk devices, and voting systems to ease communication between conference participants. It also includes the best sound equipment through wireless and wired conference systems, the latest projectors, and plasma screens. It also provides the highest quality video recording and audio transcription services helping in documenting the event and holding a successful conference. Always be confident with its services, as EgyTranscript can completely and flawlessly manage your conference at the best prices.

Delegate Microphone Rental

The success of any meeting or conference depends on the sound system and microphone systems used in all events. EgyTranscript provides a delegate microphone rental service with high-quality audio performance. This service facilitates communication between participants. EgyTranscript offers this service at the best prices ever.

Audio and video rental companies

EgyTranscript has a professional team providing the best audio-visual equipment rental service in Egypt, which is indispensable for all events. If you are looking for this service with high quality and affordable prices, do not hesitate to contact EgyTranscript.

Audio-visual Equipment Rental Price List

EgyTranscript is one of the largest leading companies providing audio-visual equipment rental services in Egypt at the best prices ever. It provides the latest audio-visual equipment in Egypt, enabling it to offer the best results. The company cares about all the details that suit the event type. So be completely reassured when choosing EgyTranscript. 

At EgyTranscript, we are well known for our profound experience in different modes of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, and whispering).

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have a big or small event; we will be happy to guide you in both cases to the best packages and deliver excellent equipment on time.

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