Desktop Publishing DTP Service

What is Desktop Publishing (DTP) Service?

It is designing and producing high quality publications, using specialized computer software.

This specific software combines text and graphics, so to produce the desired format for print, web, or mobile phones; this service is usually needed while publishing books, brochures, business cards, and web pages, among other products.

Desktop Publishing DTP Service

Desktop publishing (DTP) Service allows using different typefaces and creates or embeds artwork directly into the text, which facilitates designing and reformatting different products and viewing the final version as it will appear after printing which is crucial for some businesses and productions that need extreme accuracy and precision.

Desktop publishing (DTP) Service has become more practical as computers’ and printers’ prices decrease, it became especially practical for the production of newsletters, brochures, books, and other documents that previously required a typesetter.

EgyTranscript is a Desktop Publishing (DTP) company, its work involves reformatting translated texts, especially in case of multiple language used, for example when a text includes both Arabic and English languages, where Arabic is written from right to left whereas English is written from left to right, and the same format should apply for both.  

We highly recommend Desktop publishing (DTP) Service if you need to market or distribute a manual, advertisement, book, or any text that involves images or other artwork across an international client base. In this case, you will need to maintain your document layout across multiple languages. DTP is essential for the unity of your documents and for a professional, uniform look. No matter what language was used in the translation and regardless of the word count, our service will ensure that the translated documents will be a true representation of the original.

When will your translation project require Desktop publishing (DTP) Service?

Desktop publishing (DTP) is an integral part of our company work; it is a necessary parameter to complete our translation task. If you have a PDF, booklet, manual or any type of document with images or document layouts that need to be translated to a different language, you will need to use our post-translation Desktop Publishing service for document reconstruction, preserving the document layout and formatting.

This will be substantial for the final shape of an intact document layout with no distortion, averting text expansion or contraction that will otherwise occur depending on the source and the target languages.

Why should you choose our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Company?

EgyTranscript offers professional desktop publishing (DTP) service that is capable of adapting your content and images to set standard and preserve your message across different markets. Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Company consults with professional and well trained reviewers who do a final proof of document and graphic files before they are delivered to the client and published. This is to ensure that the content is intact and not changed or distorted by any means during the DTP process, keeping the final version closely resembling the source.

EgyTranscript uses Adobe InDesign, desktop publishing software. This application is used to create different kinds of layouts for various purposes, for example, posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books.

Along with our well trained team, who are experts in using and utilizing the Adobe InDesign software, we are always ready to provide our clients with excellent, efficient and cost-effective solutions for their business.

Take advantage of our experience as top Desktop Publishing Company, and receive your documents as effective in foreign languages as they are in your source language, while precisely preserving their authenticity across every alphabet employed.

To order our Desktop Publishing services online, please contact our team at EgyTranscript today for advice.

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