Professional Consecutive Translation/Interpreting Service

Consecutive interpretation, wrongly known as consecutive translation

is a role played by a talented interpreter to communicate a message from one language to another in segments, usually with the aid of notes.

Through this mode of interpretation, the interpreter usually works closely with the speaker, where the latter allows a pause for the interpreter to deliver his interpretation.Consecutive Translation and Interpretation

EgyTranscript is one of very few translation agencies that offer consecutive interpretation in Egypt, and all over the MENA region.

During the event, each segment of the speech should be brief enough for the interpreter to memorize, where consecutively-interpreted speech is usually short.

The interpreter is usually standing or sitting beside the speaker, listening to the speech and rendering it in a different language, mostly with the help of written notes.

Consecutive interpreting is especially appropriate in field trips, work lunches, and some technical meetings.

Consecutive or Simultaneous

Consecutive interpreting can be used for both formal and informal meetings and events, and is usually more cost effective, yet more time consuming than simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpretation doesn’t need tools or equipments, and is sometimes requested for participants to be able to absorb issues raised and discuss them further.

It is usually needed during face-to-face meetings; where Arabic English consecutive interpreter is giving consecutive translation of the speaker’s words after he/she finishes each thought or idea.

English Arabic consecutive translator or interpreter

The Arabic English consecutive interpreter is doing substantial task as he/she is the voice of the speaker to the participants; conveying accurate consecutive translation.  

Mistakenly known as English Arabic consecutive translator, consecutive  interpreter is usually the only person taking on communication between the meeting attendees, which demands high degree of understanding and professionalism.

Taking notes is highly recommended in this case, to helpArabic English consecutive interpreter convey the message as accurate and authentic as the original one. Notes taken in this case may be symbols, short-hand or any other form that is understood by the interpreter.

With our team ofEnglish Arabic consecutive translators, we promise the best and cost effective service. Our team is trained to do diversity of translation services, one of which is consecutive interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation basically depends on the interpreter’s memory, who needs ten-minutes break every 90 minutes, otherwise, another interpreter is required.

Professional Arabic English consecutive interpreter may be able to translate a speech of 20 or 30 minutes; this all depends on complexity of the topic and nature and goals of the meeting.

It is always recommended that the speaker doesn’t talk too long before each pause, while participants are unable to catch up. Brief segments are also desirable for the interpreter to be able to formulate the consecutive translation and speak it up without dropping any idea.

Thus, it is highly desirable that the speaker and the Arabic English consecutive interpretersit before the event and agree together how they will run the meeting.

Arabic English consecutive Interpreter’s Capacities

Settings of the event and the subject are important parameters that usually determine the length of the segment to be translated before each pause.

English Arabic consecutive interpreters should have some skills and abilities that might not be present in every interpreter or translator and vice versa.

For example they should decide what to write down as notes and to correctly write them to be able to retrieve them later.

In short consecutive interpreting needs distinct set of skills that would take time and effort to master; yet it offers number of advantages over other modes of interpreting.

If you have a conference, seminar, workshop, or any other event where you’d need consecutive interpreting, contact us and we will guide you and offer the best service in the market.

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