Consecutive Workshop Translation

Consecutive Workshop Translation Service

EgyTranscript is well known for its competent and skillful consecutive interpreters, not only in Egypt, but throughout the entire Middle East.

We are among very few translation agencies that master necessary skills and competencies necessary for conducting consecutive interpreting.

Consecutive Translators?

Consecutive Workshop Translation

Mistakenly known as consecutive translators, interpreters are entitled in this type of interpreting to communicate a message from one language to another in segments, usually with the aid of notes.

Although appears as easy and simple job, consecutive interpreting needs highly proficient consecutive translators (interpreters) who have good grasp of both source and target languages, together with experience in this particular mode of interpreting.

EgyTranscript has a profound experience in this field, with an impressive portfolio of high profile clients across different sectors and industries.

Consecutive interpreting is an interpretation mode that is mostly used in field trips, work lunches, and some technical meetings, and workshops.

The speaker usually stops after few minutes’ talk that conveys certain message or idea, and the interpreter would then deliver oral consecutive translation of that idea.

It is always recommended that the speaker doesn’t talk too long before each pause, while participants are unable to catch up.

Taking notes is of utmost importance here as it helps the interpreter conveying the message heard without dropping any idea or thought.

Notes in this case are better taken in the target language, so to facilitate quick reading and including while delivering the interpretation.

English consecutive interpreters and translators

Established in 2007, EgyTranscript always strived to be the leading translation and interpretation company in Egypt and the MENA region.

Through our continuous capacity building activities, we have developed a team of highly qualified and skillful English consecutive interpreters (wronglyknown as English consecutive translators).

EgyTranscript offers the expertise of professional English consecutive interpreters and translators combined with the simplicity and security of dealing with a company based in the Egypt; the heart of the Arab world.

Consecutive interpreting can be used for both formal and informal meetings and events, and is usually more cost effective, yet more time consuming than simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpretation usually doesn’t need tools or equipments, and needs one or more interpreters according to its duration.

The interpreter usually needs ten minutes break after 90 minutes of consecutive interpreting.

EgyTranscript has profound experience in interpreting conferences, workshops, business meetings, among other events with different clients and in diversity of topics and technical fields.

This remarkable accomplishment was the result of the colossal number of conferences EgyTranscript has so far covered, which transcended 200 international conferences.

Arabic Consecutive Translators!

Our company is based in Egypt, where we can find, train and develop the best Arabic consecutive interpreters and translators who are professional, meticulous, dedicated and accurate.

You can easily rely on our services to communicate between Arabic speakers and others from different languages

We are committed to provide the best Arabic consecutive interpreters and translators in the region to meet your requirements.

When it comes to prices, our principal concern is to convey the most accurate meaning to the audience or listeners with minimum possible price. In other words, what distinguishes EgyTranscript from any other translation agency is the unmatched capability of our consecutive interpreters while offering competitive prices.

EgyTranscript always prepare well before the time of the event, by looking into the subject to be discussed and identify essential terms to be used throughout the event.

Don’t think twice, contact us if you need consecutive interpreters for your conference, or workshop, or any other event; and be always sure that you’ll get the best service and price in the market.

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