Professional English Arabic interpreters

Professional Conference Interpretation

No doubt conferences are big events that take months of work and preparation; with their outcomes are almost always core for different entities.

Professional Conference Interpretation is thus substantial for any conference or event, whether small or big, you should always pick the best talents for your event.

Professional English Arabic interpreters

EgyTranscript is one of the leading translation and interpretation companies in Egypt and the MENA region capable of impressing your guests and help you realize your goals out of the event.

EgyTranscript haslong experience in providing professional conference interpretation, both in Egypt and abroad. For several years, we strived to be the leading company in the field of conferences’ interpretation, relying on our commitment and excellent work.

EgyTranscript  provides simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpretation services for conferences, workshops, trainings, among other events.

Our interpreters have unmatched skills that made them excellent in the three aforementioned interpreting modes and are ready to work in Egypt as well as abroad.

Simultaneous interpretation (wrongly known as conference translation) is orally translating speakers’ words from a source to a target language as they speak.

Two interpreters usually work on simultaneous interpretation while sitting in a soundproofed booth. They listen to the speakers through headphones and should translate everything through the microphone, almost at the same time.

Consecutive interpretation, wrongly known as consecutive translation is a role played by a talented interpreter to communicate a message from one language to another in segments, usually with the aid of notes.

Through this mode of interpretation, the interpreter usually works closely with the speaker, where the latter allows a pause for the interpreter to deliver his interpretation.

Whisper interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter stands or sits right next to the listener(s), whispering the speaker’s words in a different language, sometimes referred to as Chuchotage, a French word for whispering.

What is Professional Conference Translation?

Well, there is no such thing, it is wrongly perceived as professional conference translation; however, the correct term is conference interpreting, which is translating spoken words in real time to facilitate communication between attendees speaking different languages. Interpretation is not an easy task and always needs exceptional talents.

EgyTranscript is definitely your best choice for an excellent professional conference interpreting.Professional Conference Translators:

Professional Conference Translators aka interpreters are substantial for the image of your organization; it is the only way to convey your message to all attendees from different backgrounds.

It is essential in this case that the interpreter conveys the ideas delivered accurately and precisely while taking into account cultural differences.

It is not just conveying the spoken words; it is conveying the tone, the mood, the pace, and much more.

This is why experience matters!

Because we are perfectly aware of how complicated and sometimes perilous this process could be, EgyTranscript  provides you with the highest caliber of professional conference interpreters and translatorsEgyTranscript has successfully proven itself in the market ever since itwas founded in 2007.

We gain new grounds day after day and expand our work to involve more clients and outreach to different countries, relying on our excellent and committed interpreters.

With EgyTranscript you are dealing with professional interpreting agency that has worked with high profile clients in different industries and across various sectors.

We will be always keen to help you outreach with your products and services to more customers and markets though offering the best communication.

This is especially important if the meeting involves negotiations between people from different languages, where accurate and easily flowing conversation is a must.

Please contact us and learn more about our talented interpreters and our equipment rental packages.

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