Meeting Translation

Professional Meeting Translation Service

Living in the era of globalization, business meetings are certainly not the going the classic way where all attendees coming from the same background; many meetings are held among different nationalities and languages.

Here comes meeting interpreting which is much needed in both small and large scale business meetings.Meeting Translation

At EgyTranscript, we have skillful interpreters who can efficiently handle meeting interpretation through simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Our interpreters are experienced in different subjects and meetings’ formats and settings.

We have been through this field for more than 12 years; providing excellent interpretation services for different sectors and industries; with an impressive portfolio of high profile clients.

We are able to cater for Different meeting settings, whether it is a business meeting, seminar, International trade, or business visit.

Meeting Translator?

For some people meeting translator is the one who orally translates the spoken words of the participants. However, the correct tem for oral translation is interpretation.

A meeting translator (interpreter) will join your meeting and help you keep track of what’s being said in real time; maintaining utmost accuracy and precision.

Meeting interpreters would either do simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, according to number of participants, the meeting settings, among other factors.

Our Arabic English meeting interpreters are the best! They are both qualified and dedicated for excellence in almost all branches of business that could possible need bilingual communication in Arabic and English.

At EgyTranscript, we don’t have only highly qualified skillful interpreters; our team has also good knowledge of ethics and protocols.

There is always wide range of equipment that can be rented during the meeting; we will guide you to the best solution in different cases, and it’s your decision after all.

It will depend on several factors like the scope and settings of the meeting, together with the number of attendees.

EgyTranscript is fully aware that we are living an era where meetings are not conducted in just one language.

Given that communication and understanding are ultimate goals for any meeting, interpretation therefore is of utmost importance and skillful interpreters are highly demanded.

We have profound experience in the field of meeting interpretation across different sectors and industries; while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality is core to our work with different clients.

English Arabic Meeting Translator?

Known by some as English Arabic meeting translator, a meeting interpreter usually takes care of presentations, discussions, and negotiations taking place throughout the meeting.

Once you call our office asking for English Arabic meeting translator (interpreter), we will ask for some material and information concerning your meeting and its participants. We will use the meeting material provided to be well prepared for interpreting procedure.

The information provided is for the sole use of identifying necessary vocabulary and will be dealt with the highest level of confidentiality.

Please give us a notice just a few days before the meeting, and we will send one of the most experienced interpreters in the given field; who will be fully prepared for facilitating smooth communication.

At EgyTranscript, we provide the best solution for each meeting; this includes providing light and less costly equipment for small meetings or more than one meeting interpreter if needed.

In case you need our services for a meeting outside Cairo or even outside Egypt, we will be ready to accompany you for a successful business meeting.

Please contact EgyTranscript if you need interpreters and /or equipment for your meeting; we will always be ready to offer our excellent and timely services at affordable prices.

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