Seminar Translation

Professional Seminar interpretation Service

Seminar interpretation refers to interpretation process taking place in seminars; which can be either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Seminar interpreters’ team usually comprises two or three interpreters according to number of languages involved and the duration of the seminar, among other factors.Seminar Translation

Interpreters working together should be competent with the ability to work in team and assist each other throughout the duration of the seminar.

Each interpreter however should demonstrate strong linguistic skills, thorough knowledge of the seminar subject, and profound experience in different modes of interpretation.

At EgyTranscript , we have a team of highly qualified interpreters who deliver accurate and precise interpretation of the seminar proceedings that goes along with the participants culture and background.

Seminar Translation?

There is no such service as seminar translation; it is just that some people are unaware of the difference between translation and interpretation.

Seminar translation usually refers to seminar interpretation where two or more interpreters assist the communication process during a seminar or a workshop.

During a seminar, interpreters should translate all the seminar presentations and discussions; while paying attention to every single detail.

The seminar might need simultaneous, consecutive, or whisper interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpreting is orally translating speakers’ words from a source to a target language as they speak.

As tough as it sounds, an interpreter should simultaneously listen and speak, which requires high concentration and linguistic competency in both source and target languages.


With the help of specific interpretation equipment, interpreters work in pairs or sometimes in a team of three, to convey the seminar message to the participants.

Consecutive interpretation however, is a role played by a talented interpreter to communicate a message from one language to another in segments, usually with the aid of notes. It is usually the best option in case of small groups.

The interpreter in this case the interpreter will translate few sentences after the speaker pauses; while always taking notes of ideas said.

Chuchotage is a French word for whispering, and whisper interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter stands or sits right next to the listener(s), whispering the speaker’s words in a different language.

Seminar Translator!

Again there is no such thing as seminar translators.

Seminar translator usually refers to seminar interpreter.

Seminars are usually a place where information presentation and exchange take place, where accuracy and precision cannot be compromised.

At EgyTranscript, we promise you excellent and timely service, with competitive prices.

We believe that communication is substantial for your event, thus we do our best to bridge language gap between different participants.

The number of seminar translators and translation equipment will depend on the seminar size, types of presentations given and number of the foreign language speakers.

At EgyTranscript, we have interpreters who have broad knowledge in diversity of technical fields, thus they are capable of working to interpret seminars even if the subject is highly technical.

We understand that the success of any seminar depends on the effective interaction among its participants, so we have ensured time over time to help our clients overcome the language difference and foster their communication bridges.

When interpretation equipment is needed for the seminar translation, we only provide the best quality of speech and hearing equipment in terms of clarity and ease of use.

In all cases, EgyTranscript seminar translators and seminar interpreters will provide you with smooth communication and solid understanding all the seminar proceedings.

Don’t hesitate; contact our team at EgyTranscript, where we will guide you to suitable number of interpreters and adequate equipment rental; providing excellent service and competitive pricing.

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