Workshop Translation

Our Workshop Translation Service

Referred by some as workshop translation, workshop interpretation is translating speakers’ words during a workshop to other attendees from different backgrounds in order to facilitate communication and interaction.

Workshop translation or interpretation is even more crucial than conference interpretation; this is due to the interactive nature of most workshops, where participants usually spend more time in discussions.workshop Translation Service

This particular nature of workshops makes it more difficult and challenging to find the suitable candidate who will work on interpreting the workshop.

Egytranscript is the leading company that offers workshop translation in different fields and industries; with profound experience in different modes of interpretation.

According to the structure of your workshop and participants involved, we will guide you to the suitable mode of interpreting and send you experienced interpreters.

A workshop that flows more like a conference where speakers give presentations that are followed by discussions, will probably need simultaneous interpretation.

However, more interactive workshops would rather need consecutive interpretation.

A competent interpreter in either case will facilitate communication between participants and deliver accurate information; while keeping the same pace and tone of the speakers

Why you need a professional workshop interpreter

Information rich workshops regularly involve exchange of expertise among people who come from different backgrounds and speaking different languages. Language can be a barrier in this regards, but with Egytranscript, it is no more a hurdle.

We promise to help the workshop participants getting over this barrier and render your workshop smooth and easy going as if there is only one language; relying on our highly qualified and experienced workshop interpreters.

How does workshop translation work?

The number of interpreters and translation equipment usually depends on the workshop size, number of participants and presentations given, as well as number of languages involved.

In all cases, Egytranscript will provide you with smooth communication and solid understanding for all the workshop proceedings.

If the majority of the workshop participants speak one language with very few participants speak another language, you can simply hire a workshop translator with minimal equipment. With our small group interpretation solutions and professional workshop interpreters we will ensure clear and informative communication during the workshop.

If a considerable segment of your workshop participants speak a foreign language you will definitely need one or two workshop interpreters and conference interpretation equipment.

If your workshop involves breaking the participants into smaller working groups including one or more foreign language speakers, you will need multiple workshop interpreters to handle the discussions at the same time.  

If there is only one foreign language speaker in a workshop, you can then hire a workshop interpreter who will whisper to you all the workshop speeches and then use consecutive translation (translation at intervals) to convey your speech or questions to the rest of the attendees.

Workshop Translators?

Wrongly perceived as workshop translators, interpreters who work on interpreting workshop proceedings should be very experienced in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Our experienced translators are professional in handling different parts and proceedings of the workshop

We have experience in a wide variety of technical fields, so there is no need to worry, we will provide you with a interpreter who will work with you whatever your subject is.

With the interaction being a core part of almost every workshop, Egytranscript is committed to overcome the language barrier and foster communication bridges.

We are also ready to help you with any necessary interpreting equipment; providing the best quality with affordable prices.

Don’t hesitate; contact our team at Egytranscript, where we will guide you to suitable number of interpreters and adequate equipment rental; providing excellent service and competitive pricing.

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