Simultaneous interpretation, known by many as simultaneous translation is orally translating speakers’ words from a source to a target language as they speak.
Two interpreters usually work on simultaneous interpretation while sitting in a soundproofed booth. They listen to the speakers through headphones and should translate everything through the microphone, almost at the same time.
Simultaneous interpretation obviously is not an easy task, imagines that the interpreter does simultaneous translation for a sentence into the target language while listening to the next sentence and trying to figure out its translation.
Interpreters should have a number of skills, for example, they should be decisive, where no time to choose among different words in the target language. They should also pay the utmost attention for cultural sensitive in words, hints, and connotations.
Simultaneous Interpretation Service


The simultaneous interpreter is sometimes mistakenly called a simultaneous translator, whatever he/she is called, it really is a tough job!

Clients usually request a simultaneous translator for translating the content of speeches presented at a certain conference or event, but it is technically an interpreter, as translators are those working on written documents.

Simultaneous translators should have a broad knowledge of many fields and disciplines, so they can be able to simultaneous interpretation of related idioms and technical terms. It is always recommended that interpreters read about the subject they will interpret, through the event speeches and presentations, as well as background information; in order to get the essence of the subject and be able to respond to comments and discussions.

When the interpreter is not actually interpreting, in most cases he/she stays in the booth preparing for the next speech or assisting his/her colleague if necessary. Because of the high concentration required, our interpreters usually do not interpret for more than thirty minutes before another takes their place, we provide either two or three interpreters according to working hours.

Our simultaneous interpreters have broad knowledge and profound experience. We are able to work on a wide variety of subjects and technical fields and Multi-language pairs can be provided through separate booths if requested.


Arabic English Simultaneous interpreting is the most commonly requested service. Among the advantages of Arabic English simultaneous interpreting is saving time as both the original speech and the interpreting can be heard practically at the same time.

Though the interpreter usually renders the interpretation while receiving the coming sentence, most people would be puzzled to comprehend how it is done; the professional interpreter is a bilingual professional translator who had extensive training on the process before practicing it.

In Arabic English Simultaneous interpreting, the message is rendered in the target-language as quickly as the interpreter can build up the grammatical equivalent of the same sentence in the source language, and the process goes on, where the audience only listen to a voice in the ear pieces; usually unaware of the interpreters’ effort and challenges involved.

The service provided depends very much on the setting and the budget of the event, where simultaneous interpretation is far more common and is used almost exclusively in many meetings as it saves time and effort. International organizations, national counsels and many other entities host conferences with different objectives, and with various settings. EgyTranscript’s role in simultaneous interpreting is always providing professional simultaneous interpreters and sometimes simultaneous interpreting equipment.

If you are seeking simultaneous interpreting for your conference, workshop, or any other event; don’t think twice; contact EgyTranscript, where you’d find the best professional and confident simultaneous interpreters with capability of providing interpretation equipment.

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