Professional Localization Services 

What is localization Services?

It is the process of tailoring certain product for specific market, country, or region. And when it comes to language localization it refers to adapting translated material to be in line with the target audience cultural norms, which requires comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs.

Localization Services

Translation vs. Localization Service

It might be hard sometimes to draw limits between translation and localization, where they sometimes overlap, however, localization basically handles substantial non-textual components of products or services. This might involve working with graphics, currencies, time zone, and appropriate format and color, among other details.

These modifications are done mainly to realize cultural sensitivities, working to speak the target audience language, and providing their needs.

Translation will transfer the text/service into the language of your target audience, which will be classical written text, which is not exactly the language people usually speak in their daily lives or the suitable one to talk with them about certain product or service.

Localization experts in this context need thorough understanding of local terms associated with a specific shopping or procurement context and important key words.

Why Arabic localization Service?

Do you know that native speakers of Arabic are almost as many as native speakers of English? The Arab world in North Africa and Southwest Asia is home to 295 million people who speak at least 13 different dialects. 

Compared to other languages, Arabic is more challenging when it comes to localization, this is because few standardized technical terminology available in Arabic, along with the challenge to find qualified native Arab linguists who can deal with and resolve potential localization challenges throughout different dialects.

The Arabic Language is Right-to-Left (RTL), which will affect page layout and website user interface. For instance the order of table columns must reverse, marginal graphics 6will "flip", changing places with the accompanying text.

 Selling to Arabs?!
If your business requires that you sell products or services to Arabs, you definitely need localization to reach them.To 
sell to Arabs, you will need local experts to help you fine tune your descriptions and value propositions so they do not feel imported by your clients.

As Arabic is a highly expressive language, with endless ways to express a message, it is highly recommended getting talented native personnel to do Arabic localization Services.

To sell to Arabs in this huge and lucrative market, you need to tone your marketing messages to the Arabs language and sometimes, their different dialects. This is because classical Arabic is used only in formal written documents, while the language of advertisements (outdoor, TV, radio and social media) is Egyptian, Gulf, Levantine, Moroccan, or one of the other slangs, which explains why Arabic localization Services is vital to your market entry plan.

EgyTranscript experts will make your sales and marketing messages sound native and appealing to your targeted customers. We are native speakers of different Arabic dialects.

Website localization

This means adapting website content to a specific target audience, reflecting language and cultural preferences in the text, pictures, and also the layout and the design.

This will help making the website more natural to the audience and decreasing the customer’s effort to navigate through the website, which in turn maximizes the opportunity that the reader will get the message.

Our localization spectrum

Our Arabic localization services cover all our clients’ needs to access the market and sell to Arabs or deliver successful campaigns, including:

·        Website localization

·        Marketing localization

·        Media localization

We employ various techniques to provide these different services including online analysis, marketing techniques, and media campaigning techniques.

We are based in Egypt which gives us the privilege of using the expertise of Arab nationalities residing in Egypt from all around the Arab world (Gulf, Syrians, Iraqis, etc).

EgyTranscript provides Arabic localization services in numerous Arabic dialects:

·        Egyptian

o   Cairo Egyptian

o   Saidi Egyptian

o   Bahari Egyptian

·        Levantine

o   Syrian

o   Lebanese

o   Jordanian

·        Iraqi

·        Peninsular

o   Nagdi

o   Gulf

o   Yemini

·        Maghrib Arabi

o   Moroccan

o   Lybian

o   Tunisian

o   Algerian

If you have any content that needs localization, don’t think twice, contact us immediately and we will help you reach wider audience and convey your message.

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