Marketing localization

Professional Marketing & Social Media Localization Services

Marketing localization is substantial for all companies whether they address local or International audience; where delivering accurate information while adapting the content to the audience culture is a must.

Marketing & Social Media Localization

Sometimes referred to as ‘transcreation’, the process involves both translation and culture adapting of the content.

Localizing a marketing content needs a special mindset which can figure out the best way to appeal to the target customers. This is not an easy task, and needs competent linguists who are at the same time aware of what is appealing to customers

Recent studies report that customers are more likely to buy products when they are addressed in their own language, where language in this case involves culture and background of the audience.

It worth noting that localizing website content would never substitute marketing localization, where mobile advertising is one of the most important as users are increasingly shifting to mobile phones as their primary browsers.

Advertisement and Social Media Localization

EgyTranscript provides professional advertisement and social media localization services to clients who want to expand their outreach to Arab markets.

Localizing specific message is more than just translating it, especially when it comes to marketing messages. With our advertisement and social media localization services, we will help you find out what the natives say in the same situation and what expressions would sway clients towards buying your product or service.

We understand that the world of social media is fast paced, and is extremely personal and cultural specific. Our social media localization services can provide you with daily support for your social media content and updates, enhanced by our expertise in the Arab world market and our understanding of expression trends within different audience groups. 

The Arabic speakers represent huge audience which would be simply missed if they are not addressed in their native tongue.

Due to its complicated nature, mastering classical Arabic is becoming more and more difficult with the overwhelming amount of foreign languages used in business and entertainment nowadays.

Excellent Collateral Localization at EgyTranscript!

Collateral localization refers to the media products used in marketing certain products or services, for example brochures, sell sheets, etc.

Collateral localization is therefore a core part of marketing process, and should convey a clear message that comprises information, promotion, and sometimes entertainment.

You can use the collateral localization services provided by EgyTranscript ‘s localization experts who have the capacity to transfer your campaign content into Arabic. We will also guide you to more relevant tools for Arab audience; giving your brand new grounds and boosting your business.      

EgyTranscript  provides collateral localization to various content including but not limited to, Brochures, Manuals, Audio/Video/Multimedia, eBooks, Presentations, Surveys, and Press Releases.

Collateral Marketing material isnot only for your customers, it is also crucial for your investors, employees, and partners.

At EgyTranscript, we pay utmost attention to the purpose of the campaign, the nature of target audience and their culture; delivering accurate information and terminology.

User manual localization:

Manual Translation is a core element for any product, where trusted localizations service is a must.

EgyTranscript provides you with high quality user manual localization with competitive prices and timely service.

Given that Arabic is the fourth most spoken language, it is very important to get accurate and culturally oriented user manual localization services, where poorly written content can really harm your business.

EgyTranscript offers clear and informative instructions, providing user friendly text and facilitates usage of the product, in Arabic and English, where we master both languages.

Contact us and learn more about our different localization services, by which you can reach out to more people and establish your brand in different Arab markets.

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