Proofreading service is reading a document and correcting any mistakes, or just marking the mistakes to be corrected; it is the final step before delivering an electronic document to be printed.

Proofreaders are expected to be very accurate because they perform the last stage of production.

The term proofreading is often misunderstood in the language services industry and is sometimes used to refer to copy editing and vice versa. Yes, there is a sort of overlap, but proof-readers shouldn’t have much editorial or managerial authority. EgyTranscript offers both proofreading and copy editing services for a wide range of clients.

If you are new to outsourcing language services, you should be aware that the process and cost per 1000 or 250 words are quite variable, with proofreading less costly in case of samples show careful work. On the contrary, if substantial grammatical and paragraph rearrangement needs to be done, this would in turn charge more. Still, most work sent to EgyTranscript maintains a certain average range of quality and is assigned the standard estimate.



Copy editing, also written copy-editing or copy editing and sometimes abbreviated Ce, is what an editor does with a text to improve its formatting and style and make it concise, consistent, and clear. Unlike general editing, copy editing service might not involve changing the content of the text. Copy here refers to written text for printing, publication, broadcast or other purposes.

Copy editing service should be done before proofreading; the latter constitutes the final stop in the editorial cycle.

Copy editing also entities better word choice, rephrasing, and internet searches necessary for that, assuming the work to be done maintains average quality.

Copyeditors should have an excellent command of the language of the document, together with broad general knowledge to spot any error and good critical thinking skills to identify inconsistencies or vagueness. They should also have good interpersonal skills to be able to work on different assignments, sustaining time management skills enabling them to abide by tight deadlines.

In the Egyptian market, editing service also includes fixing grammatical and sentence structure mistakes that are especially present when an English document has been translated from Arabic. This and other related tasks are included in the “general” price issued after viewing a sample of the work to be edited.

Copy editing service varies globally according to the amount of work and tasks the editor is entitled to handle, in this regard, EgyTranscript is always offering competitive prices and delivering professional and accurate work in compliance with the deadline.

Nevertheless, we cannot decide on a final price to new clients without viewing a sample of the work involved, to see how much work it would need.


Reviewing documents service offered by EgyTranscript involves changing the order of paragraphs and other details that are discussed with the client to understand exactly his/her needs and requirements. Sometimes it requires the editor more work or more time on reviewing documents’ general composition, which further adds to the overall cost.

Native English speaking copy editors and proofreaders are especially sought and used in our operation for reviewing documents. At EgyTranscript, we have a team of professional editors who have built through experience and professionalism; they handle documents with extreme care and competency and deliver precise work on time.

If you have a project where you need a competent person to work on, edit, proofread, or reviewing its documents, contact us and we will respond to your needs accordingly.

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