Document Editing Services

As the world becoming more digitally oriented where everything goes online, different businesses should pay close attention to their written work, as it is what people would view and judge.

This applies to promotional material, business plans, periodicals, journals, etc.

In many cases, you’d need to outsource an outside editor who can help to ensure that your writing has a consistent tone and voice and that your reader won’t be distracted by different writing styles.

EgyTranscript can help you get a professional document with consistent style and tone; with punctuation and grammar correction.

Another challenge usually faces overseas businesses is having employees writing documents and promotional materials while not mastering the language.


Whether you are communicating with your extended team or partners or reaching out to your customers, your message should be clear, correct, concise, consistent, and appealing to them. Working with our team at EgyTranscript, you’ll be able to spot weaknesses and develop better writing by time, and do grammar correction yourself. Our competent editors are capable of reviewing various documents and deliver them more concise and consistent. Editing is different from proofreading, where the latter is the last step before submitting or publishing a document, whereby the editor would check consistency of terminology throughout the document, together with consistency of the format (font, headings, references, etc.), as well as reviewing the whole document organization, tables, page numbers, and other relevant details. In this regard, EgyTranscript is proud to provide both proofreading and editing services, among other translation and editing services.   


Globalization helps experts from different fields express their work and communicate with their colleagues overseas.

This communication usually happens in the English language, involving many nonnative speakers; here comes EgyTranscript role in facilitating easy and flowing communication.

We have a team of linguists who have long experience in document editing in economics, engineering, science, humanities, among other fields; where we are competent with handling highly technical documents and periodicals.

Document editing can vary from slight modifications to restructuring the whole document.


EgyTranscript is an experienced and professional agency that provides a diversity of translation, interpretation, editing, and proofreading services.

 We provide English grammar correction for a wide variety of document types:

  • Corporate annual reports
  • Research papers
  • Thesis
  • Periodicals
  • Field study documentation
  • Biographies
  • Books

At EgyTranscript, we are committed to provide the best and excellent editing service and deliver it on time.

Editing in this case may include reviewing structure, grammar correction, aligning word collocation, checking spelling in context, and conforming to original composition (how it is said by natives).

We are always keen to preserve your ideas and your style throughout the document, while focusing on English Grammar Correction 


Arabic speaking populations are quite a big audience who can be totally ignored if you don’t master their language.

At EgyTranscript, we understand the importance of Arabic editing. Due to its complicated nature, mastering classical Arabic is becoming more and more difficult with the overwhelming amount of foreign languages used in business and entertainment nowadays.

Arabic includes a myriad of parsing and syntax rules that even native speakers of Arabic make mistakes in their writing and usually need an expert editor eye to run through their report.

We proved excellent in providing editing services for years and where we deliver spotless edited documents.

EgyTranscript stands out as the best Arabic service editing services in the region, thanks to understanding the Arab world market combined with our long linguistic expertise, in addition to being native speakers of Arabic.

Please don’t hesitate, contact us and give us the opportunity to deliver you the best quality document that will help you move forward with your business and reach out to a wider audience.

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