Document proofreading

Proofreading? What is that!

Proofreading means carefully examining the text to find and correct typographical errors or grammar, style, and spelling mistakes.

Proofreading is usually done at a later stage of producing the document and before its publishing or submission. It’s a step that succeeds writing and editing.

Document proofreading

Proofreaders should check consistency of terminology throughout the document, together with consistency of the format (font, headings, references, etc.). They should also review the whole document organization, tables, page numbers, and other relevant details.

However, proofreaders are not entitled to work on or change the content or the writing style.

Document Proofreading

EgyTranscript provides professional documents and reports proofreading services.

Our staff is capable of proofreading different documents including but not limited to brochures, reports, research papers, thesis, PowerPoint presentations, resumes, business plans, etc.

We are very careful with hiring our editors; we pick the best talented and professional proofreaders in the market.

We have worked with many clients and supported diversity of businesses in the field of documents and reports proofreading.

We also help individuals with proofreading their researches, reports, resumes, etc. We are always keen to present our clients work in the best shape; relying on our competent team of linguists.

Document proofreading is not just about polishing the document; it is more about understanding the meaning and the context and preserving the integrity of the document.

This essentially needs well trained, knowledgeable and professional team of proofreaders and copywriters, EgyTranscript can provide with excellent document proofreading service that makes you confident of your document presentation.

All the documents that we deliver are submitted with track-changes options our clients can monitor and review all the changes and modifications that we made to the document.

We also work on translated texts or documents in any language, our document proofreading service offers you a professional proofreader who ensures the accuracy of translation by comparing the original and translated text, making sure that the same style of the original text is followed.

We also review the translated text to verify correct usage of terminology and collocations, besides checking grammar, structure, and terminology; rendering the text error free.

Accurate Report Proofreading Service

EgyTranscript is a team of linguists who can review any report or thesis and give you a 100% correct document in both English and Arabic languages through our report proofreading service.

With our service, your report will be correct, accurate, and appealing for the readers.

Always remember that your document shapes your image in the market, don’t hesitate to impress your clients and customers and move forward through carefully written and accurate documents.

EgyTranscript highly values clients’ confidentiality, where we handle different documents with extreme care and security.

Do you need English proofreading?

 EgyTranscript has an experienced team, professional in bothArabic English proofreading of original and translated texts. We promise to verify your document, do necessary changes, and deliver a 100% reliable copy.

 We always deliver the document with tracked changes in case you need to discuss further with the original translator.

We do not accept documents that have been translated through machine translation as we perceive it as waste of time and effort.

The same applies to heavily faulted translations done by non-professionals. In these cases, we will make corrections of only one paragraph and send the document back to our client who may choose to translate it afresh with us or elsewhere.

EgyTranscript offers the best service in the market with affordable prices and total confidentiality.

Please contact our team if you have any inquiries about our Arabic or English proofreading

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