If you have a movie/cartoon/documentary/short video that you need to translate to another language, you can do that through providing subtitles that will be added to the video or the movie so the audience can better comprehend the content.

Subtitling through a translation agency generally involves the written translation of the spoken language (source language) of a television program or film into the language of the audience (the target language); the translated text usually appears in two lines at the bottom of the screen simultaneously with the dialogue or narration in the source language. Subtitling is the main form of translation or “language transfer” in television, which is increasingly developing into a global medium in a world enriched by about 5,000 languages. Subtitling Service is not just a form of translation, it is an art that puts into context the nature of the audience with their cultural, linguistic, and communication environment, as well as their preferences.

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You can either provide us with the script along with the video or even the video alone.

In case of script availability with the video, our role will involve translation of the script and providing subtitles that match the voice of each scene in synchronization with the spoken words.

If you do not have a script for your video, how can you benefit from our subtitling service?

If the script is not available, we will have to do the transcription step before translation, to provide our translators with a written document of the voice content of the video and this will be charged separately, and then we will proceed into the actual subtitling process. Please note that subtitling and transcription services are charged per minute while translation service is charged per word. All 3 stages (Transcription, translation, and subtitling) can be charged per minute in a comprehensive package.

Unlike voice-over, where voice-over provides actors and actresses to read out the script and place their voices on the video, subtitling preserves the original voice of the actor, and let the translation appears as subtitles.

Whether it is English or Arabic Subtitling, it doesn’t entail translating every word; this is because the human eye cannot read except a specific number of words, which is different from the ability to listen. That is why there is some form of shorthand that preserves the meaning in fewer words so that the reader can efficiently grasp the meaning. This does not cause any problems because it is accompanied by the scene being played by the actors; as it is always said: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


In EgyTranscript, Arabic is our mother tongue and we master all its accents and dialects. That is why we are the first and only destination of many clients who want to get accurate and precise Arabic subtitling. Our professional team is always ready to work on new and challenging scripts, where they can expose their talents and deliver the work as competent as the client would require.


With several years of experience and a wide spectrum of exposure to a diversity of media content and working on various business projects, we deserved to be the top English subtitling company in Egypt and the MENA region. We have a well-trained and well-equipped team of professional translators who know how to provide excellent and professional English subtitling to our clients.

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