Professional Documentaries Subtitling Services

Subtitles are the written translation of the spoken language (source language) of a television program or film into the language of the audience (the target language).

Subtitling is a unique form of translation entitling more than just translating text from one language to another; it’s also the transfer from oral to written language.

No doubt subtitling requires highly talented and well-trained translators who are capable of dealing with different types of content; sustaining the original meaning and context, and synchronizing between image, sound, and text.

Our translators at EgyTranscript are experienced in tailoring subtitles to meet the standards of characters per line limit, reading speed, among other important parameters.

Professional Documentaries Subtitling Services


Documentaries subtitling is one branch of subtitling that needs high levels of accuracy and precision.

Documentaries are a very special type of production that needs a long time for the translator to develop a thorough understanding of the topic; where information is the core value of this type of production.

The translator should also do in-depth research to find equivalent terminology in the target language, or come up with alternatives.

If you have a documentary that you want to transfer to another language, you will choose between dubbing and subtitling.

Besides providing professional dubbing services, EgyTranscript provides accurate and easily readable documentaries subtitling services that will render your document smooth and easily comprehensible by the audience.

In order to provide excellent and efficient documentary subtitling service, several factors have to be borne in mind including cultural differences, appropriate timing for spoken and written subtitles, among other factors that EgyTranscript pays utmost attention to.

Our translators are trained to deal with different challenges involved, for example, they sometimes work without having a copy of the script, which demands a high level of attention to every spoken word.

The translator will also translate the spoken words of the narrator as well as the interviewees who in many cases might be children or uneducated people, which requires extra work to express their talk.

EgyTranscript talented translators always keep an open eye for repetitions, hesitations, and other mistakes that they should drop, and reproduce the text accordingly.


Based in Cairo, Egypt, we have the most professional and talented native Arab translators who master Arabic with all its dialects.

Our experience in Arabic documentaries subtitling proved our excellence in conveying the documentary message regardless of the dialect used or the issue raised.

With our excellent and professional service, we guarantee that your documentary hits screens as soon as possible with the most cost-effective packages.

Quick delivery and competitive prices are our main advantages especially if the documentary is news related. Our team is always ready and trained to provide excellent Arabic documentaries subtitling in the shortest time, with the best quality.


People in the Arab world are used to reading Arabic subtitles on foreign movies they watch at the cinema. The experience gives them a critical eye that can judge subtitling quality, even if they don’t understand the source language.

It is therefore very important that you assign documentaries subtitling to the right company that has highly qualified professionals who will communicate your original message, transferring oral to written and source to target language efficiently.

With our professional English documentaries subtitling service, we will deliver your message in a concise and expressive manner that will keep your audience engaged throughout the duration of your documentary.

If you have an English documentaries subtitling assignment, please don’t hesitate, contact our team, and we will be happy to offer you the best subtitling service.

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