With the growing interest of photographing and filming both for amateurs and professionals, an infinite number of videos are produced and uploaded daily on the internet all over the world through Youtube, Facebook, among other channels.

In this regard, video subtitles have different objectives, for instance, it helps outreaching to hear impaired, putting lyrics directly on the video rather than on the side of the page, and transferring spoken words to a different language.

Video or movie subtitling proved to be less time consuming and more cost-effective than dubbing, the other way around to translate a video.

Videos and movies subtitling is of utmost importance as it will help engage more audience and to keep them interested where they are catching the video words and message, and keeps the message ongoing.

Video subtitling then needs expert hands to handle and get the maximum of it; you can trust EgyTranscript in this regard.

Our translators have always an open eye for every word said taking into account cultural sensitivities.

EgyTranscript provides you with human reliable services that strictly abide by your deadline whatever the length of your video is.

The good news is that all the previous advantages can be realized at affordable prices.

Our translation service is integrated with our captioning and transcription services. We assign the translation to professional linguists who accurately capture the content and cultural nuances of your video. Linguists have profound experience across a wide range of topics, including marketing, technology, healthcare, finance, government, and education, among other fields.

When you initiate a translation through EgyTranscript, you usually choose a professional translation that includes detailed attention to tone, subject, and meaning.

Our video subtitling services can facilitate the viewing of various types of videos:

  • Movies subtitling
  • Advertisements
  • TV shows
  • Soap operas
  • Documentaries
  • Webcasts

You don’t have to worry even if you do not have the script of the video; our attentive team will offer you transcription services in addition to video subtitling.


Arab speaking countries have always been a market for different artistic productions in different languages, for example, movies, series, and also advertisements for various products and services.

Being used to watching International productions, Arab audiences have a good sense and critical eye for Arabic video subtitling; they can easily spot bad work.

Providing Arabic video subtitling service, therefore, should be handled with extreme care and professionalism, and preferably by native Arab speakers.

We have earned the trust of many clients over years of excellent practice, with colorful exposure to probably all kinds of videos, scripts, and contexts.

At EgyTranscript, we are proud of the service we provide that renders the movie comprehensible and engaging.


You might have viewers who want to know more about Arab culture and artwork, in this case, you will certainly need English Video Subtitling Service, whereby you can get them the sense of it.

At EgyTranscript, we are experienced in providing this service and we have success stories with several clients.

We are exceptionally competent with different dialects from around the Arab world, where our team can understand the content and deliver it as accurate in English video subtitling format.

Subtitling service we provide will help your audience enjoy their time watching your production that is delivered to them in an authentic and interesting manner

EgyTranscript has a wonderful team of professionals who excel at English video subtitling, something they understand very well and practiced over the years.

Please contact us if you need subtitling service for movies, videos, lectures, or whatever production; we promise you excellent and timely service.

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