Transcription is simply transferring what you hear into a written form.

Transcription doesn’t entitle more than putting spoken words onto a piece of paper, however, it is not an easy job; where transcribers should pay close attention in order to write down every word.


Transcription is a simple task, yet it needs an experienced hand to deal with. For instance, English transcriber should have thorough knowledge and understanding of the English language with all what it entitles.

At EgyTranscript, we offer transcription services of audio/visual files in different languages including English.
We have experience in working for different clients requesting English transcribers to retrieve legal, medical, media, among other sectors. This further sharpened the skills of our team.

Our English and Arabic transcribers have broad experience of transcription and the know-how to ensure getting the best possible transcriptions in terms of quality, cost, and time.


In some cases, we deal with audio or video files that need both translation and transcription. We will have a linguist to listen to the spoken language of the file and directly write it down in the other (target) language.

Our team of English and Arabic transcribers at egytranscription certified translation office is your quick solution to produce an accurate text recording of your audio or your video files.

We are also language experts, so no matter how difficult accents are or how many specialized terms you have in the video; we will be able to identify exactly what is being said and record it accordingly.

EgyTranscript team of English transcribers and editors would provide their clients with an edited or summarized transcript upon their request.

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The on-site transcriber is the person who attends an event and transcribes speeches presented there, and delivers it shortly after the event.

There are different cases where you want to convert an English or Arabic audio/video to text:

Clarifying speech: In case the language or the accent in videos or documentaries is not clear, which demands to put on screen transcription the audience can follow.

Sharing documents: Sometimes major events and conferences need to be documented as text, in addition to audio and video forms.

Transcribing the event, in this case, will be a more professional way to record different statements and presentations to be used when needed.

It is also a quick and efficient way to disseminate the results or recommendations of an important event, where you can put it online or send it over email to numerous users. Here you will definitely need to convert Arabic audio video to text.

Creating summaries: Some conferences are too detailed to keep a record of, in such cases; the solution is usually outsourcing efficient transcribers to summarize the event long transcription.

Spotting specific part of the audio/video: This commonly happens; you want to retrieve certain parts of a speech or presentation and doing that throughout audio or video can be pretty hectic, especially for long videos. So what do you have for an alternative?

You can press ctrl+ F if you have it transcribed on a word document!

Converting Arabic audio or video into text will greatly help to localize or identifying certain parts of the speech, in shorter timing and with less effort.

Save storage space: No doubt videos and audios occupy huge storage space on your computer or mobile and are more complicated to send via email.

Transcription is a very good alternative to archiving if you need to delete old recordings, besides being easily retrievable, text files are only 1/100 size of a video.

Don’t hesitate, contact our team, and we will be committed to providing you with the best reliable Arabic and English transcribers.

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