Professional Translation Service

EgyTranscript’s English and Arabic Translation Service

EgyTranscript considers translation an art it masters and a profession it thoroughly understands.

Translation incorporates comprehensive understanding of the source language - including terminology, grammar, cultural connotations, and source text subject matter - and a flawless rendering of all that into the target language in a manner that looks, and is indeed, authentic.

To ensure translation quality, document translation passes through 4 phases as shown in the figure

EgyTranscript’s professional translation team is

responsible for maintaining key values,

namely, faithfulness and invisibility.

Faithfulness is the extent to which, for instance, the

Arabic translation accurately renders the meaning of the

English source text, while the invisibility of a translator reflects how authentic the translation appears to a native speaker of the target language. The two values have been the core of our business since 2003 and we promise keeping our values in the future, with no compromise.

Arabic Translation and Much More

We guarantee that Arabic to English translation work (and vice versa) will be done through at least three in-house translators.

    • A professional translator translates the text.
    • A second professional translator/editor edits the translated text.
  • A senior translator then edits the text once more and proofreads the final translation against the original.

EgyTranscript main area of expertise is Arabic to English translation Service and vice versa. Our team of professional translators has Arabic as mother tongue; they are also competent in English through extensive education and experience.

We also provide the best translation service in any language pair, thanks to our vast and diverse network of highly qualified and professional translators. Our qualified and friendly team of translators, proofreaders and style editors ensures that your work maintains high quality, with terminology carefully employed, and style precisely reviewed, rendering the translation a real mirror of the source with all its hints and connotations.

In addition to Arabic and English translation Service, we also provide services in the following language pairs:

    • Arabic into French, French into Arabic
    • Arabic into German, German into Arabic
    • Arabic into Italian, Italian into Arabic (native Italian translators)
    • Arabic into Spanish, Spanish into Arabic (native Spanish translators)
  • English into French, French into English (native French translators)

EgyTranscript offers cost-effective and professional Arabic to English translation Service and vice versa in the following fields:

·        Accounting & Auditing

·        Advertising & Public Relations

·        Agriculture

·        Architecture

·        Arts and Humanities

·        Automotive

·        Building & Construction

·        Business / Commerce (General)

·        Banking

·        Economy

·        Education

·        Computer Software

·        Computers (General)

·        Copywriting

·        Engineering (Petroleum)

·        Folklore

·        Finance

·        Technical

·        Food / Nutrition

·        Forestry / Wood / Timber

·        General

·        Geography

·        Globalization

·        Government / Politics

·        History

·        Human Resources

·        Hotels & Hospitality

·        Industry and Technology (General)

·        Insurance

·        Industrial

·        IT / E-Commerce / Internet

·        Journalism

·        Law (Banking & Financial)

·        Law (Contracts)

·        Law (General)

·        Law (Patents, Trademarks, etc.)

·        Law (Taxation / Customs)

·        Linguistics

·        Literature / Poetry

·        Localization

·        Machinery & Tools

·        Management

·        Manufacturing

·        Marketing / Market Research

·        Mathematics & Statistics

·        Medicine (Cardiology – Dentistry – General – Health Care – Instruments – Pharmaceuticals)

·        Metallurgy

·        Music

·        Philosophy

·        Printing & Publishing

·        Real Estate

·        Religion

·        Shipping & Maritime

·        Slang

·        Social Science

·        Sports / Recreation / Fitness

·        Telecommunications

·        Transportation / Shipping

·        Travel & Tourism

·        Web localization

·         Zoology


Why EgyTranscript for English Translation Service


We strive to deliver accurate translation that meets your deadline and exceeds your expectations. We are one of the fastest growing providers in the industry with capacity to work all over the globe; we are one of the few translation agencies that can deliver on time, every time, regardless of your location or time zone.

It worth mentioning that our scope of work does not include CAT or TM Translation, we do however, have our own in-house TM and we develop and tailor glossaries according to each requirement, type of business and project context.

Please contact us for your translation needs, -you can find our contact information on Contact Us page.

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