No doubt outreaching to more audience and customers is a core goal for almost every business, and communication can be the magic wand for spreading the word more and more.

Communication overseas, however, needs more than good intentions, it needs an accurate message and marketing oriented tone; it needs a good translator and copywriter!

EgyTranscript can help you with translating communication material, from correspondence and daily communication to official reports and work documents.

Although working in a competitive atmosphere, EgyTranscript is still capable of proving excellence and professionalism in the field of client communication translation, even with tight deadlines and multiple languages.

Professional Communication and Correspondence translation Service


We have creative and talented personnel with profound experience in handling a wide range of marketing, sales, and advertising material.

Whatever the message you are trying to convey is, be always sure that your content will be appropriately tailored for your audience, maintaining the same meaning.

EgyTranscript communication translation service helps you cross language barriers and reach your clients wherever they are and whatever their language is.

If your relationship with your clients is mainly online, while they speak a different language; it is substantial to communicate with them in their language and convey your message accurately.

With our excellent copywriting, translation, and localization techniques, EgyTranscript can be your client communication translation assistant in outreaching to your clients worldwide. From serious work agreements, business emails and even holiday greetings, we promise excellent client communication translation.


If you want to exchange experience with overseas experts, learn more about another country, or communicate with a potential business partner, don’t worry, just leave it in the hands of EgyTranscript‘s experienced team of excellent and well-trained translators, interpreters, and copywriters.

They will understand your ideas and make sure to convey them to your recipients in the most appropriate tone, so you have a real online conversation with your partners or clients with our excellent correspondence translation service.

Correspondence in many cases is a sensitive matter that needs to be held with the utmost care and confidentiality, as it almost always contains business or personal information.

At EgyTranscript, we highly value and preserve the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of their content.

Managing correspondence is already hard; no doubt managing it in multiple languages will need further effort and time.

Why don’t you avoid the hassle and get it done through EgyTranscript?

EgyTranscript is an experienced translation company you can rely on when you seek language solutions. We have qualified translators who can transfer your text across different languages; keeping the original meaning and paying attention to every detail and subtlety.

We are known by our staff competency in both source and target languages; they are keen to pay attention to every term or hint and deliver the translation maintaining total confidentiality.

On providing Correspondence translation service, we are always careful to preserve the style and context of the original text, this includes the overall mood and tone, making sure the text is perceived correct and the message is conveyed with its meaning and intent.


You might be excellent in expressing your product or service in your own language, but is it the case when you are targeting overseas audiences?

Let us give you an authentic and powerful message with our excellent sales letter translation that will help you outreach to your clients all over the globe.

Our team of professional and dedicated copywriters and translators will passionately help you with sales letter translation, presenting your content in an appealing and marketing oriented tone.

If you want any kind of guidance or assistance with your communication material, either translation, copywriting, or any client communication translation services, please contact our team and we will respond to your needs accordingly.

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