Professional Document Translation Services in Egypt

Egytranscrip takes pride in offering affordable document translation services in Egypt.

We mean here by document translation, transmitting written text from one language to another through human effort.

Although many companies offer translation services, EgyTranscript can always provide the best services with the most cost-effective packages.

A good translation should be smooth and grammatically correct while keeping the original meaning and taking cultural sensitivities into consideration.

That’s why you really need talented and reliable personnel to do document translation services accurately and on time.

At EgyTranscript, we promise to carefully handle your document translation, with thorough review and proofreading.



We are experienced in translating different documents in various fields and disciplines.

Translating business document is more critical as it puts the business reputation at a stake if you choose to work with EgyTranscript, be sure that it will always preserve your image and strive to communicate your message accurately.

Having a staff of talented linguists gives us an edge at both English document translation and Arabic document translation Services, among other language pairs.

EgyTranscript will earn your trust, not only because of its professional work but also because we highly value security and confidentiality, so your document will remain strictly confidential.

At EgyTranscript, we are proud that we can provide the best and most accurate document translation possible. In order to achieve that, we have been following very strict guidelines:

  • Your translation will only be done by local native translators with proven experience in the subject of your original document.
  • You will have a dedicated Project Manager, who is also an experienced linguist.
  • We are an ISO9001 registered firm; therefore all our processes are closely monitored using this internationally recognized accreditation.


Arabic is the world’s sixth largest spoken language and was made the sixth official language of the United Nations in 1974. It is used by more than 500 million people worldwide and it is the largest spoken Semitic language within other Semitic languages including, Hebrew and Syriac.

The only two written forms of Arabic are Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

Classical Arabic is only used in sacred Muslim religious texts, the Qur’an and other religious writings, and is taught at schools, while Modern Standards Arabic is the language used in business, media, among other uses. It is also the target dialect for translations and the version you will need to use for your Arabic document translation.

Demand on Arabic documents is on the rise day after day for different reasons; this includes both classic Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

Classic Arabic is needed for many to understand the meaning of Quranic verses for different research and knowledge endeavors.

However, Modern Standard Arabic is an important language for global business activities, where global individuals and entities can reach out to the Arab region and communicate effectively; this made Arabic document translation Services substantial for successful international relations.

The Middle East and North Africa are home to most native Arabic speakers, with different dialects across these regions.

Arabic dialects are not always understood by other Arabic speakers, so a modern standard Arabic exists which unites the different dialects for ease of use, this is used as the official language at universities, business, by the media, among other uses, it is also used in document translation.

EgyTranscript translators offer superior Arabic and English document translation services in Cairo, Egypt, using only mother-tongue translators who are experienced in a wide range of professional fields of Arabic and English document translation Services.

In some cases, you might need to guide our team to the nature of the document and the target audience in order to best tailor our translation.

If you have a document that needs translation, contact us and we will be happy to help you with the most professional and accurate work.

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