We are very careful while choosing our team of translators in Egypt, who must be experts, not just bilinguals; totally mastering both source and target languages.

Why EgyTranscript Translation?

Our translators are well trained and have gained considerable experience that let EgyTranscript deserve the trust of high profile clients in different fields and sectors. EgyTranscript team members are excellent in multitasking and respecting deadlines, even tight ones.
They are also very attentive to the special requirements of the client and responsive for whatever comments and notes of the client throughout the assignment.
This is among other factors that make our relationship with our clients an ongoing one and paved the way for more work with more distinguished clients.


EgyTranscript translation offers the expertise of skillful translators and interpreters combined with simplicity and security.

Our Arabic language translators are certified to translate English to Arabic, efficiently and professionally!

In EgyTranscript, all our Arabic Language translators are certified to translate English to Arabic with excellent time management, accuracy, and speed.

In addition to being native speakers of the Arabic language, and experts in its various dialects, our team members are also professional experts in English, they do master it fully and they can handle any type of translation in tight timelines.

It worth mentioning that our scope of work does not include CAT or TM Translation, we do, however, have our own in-house TM and we develop and tailor glossaries according to each requirement, type of business and project context.

At EgyTranscript, we promise the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality.


In EgyTranscript, we are linguists who worked in almost every field of commerce, government, and civil society.

This is why we are unique Arabic to English translators who can translate Arabic to English efficiently with affordable prices.

From our extensive work as Arabic English translators in Egypt, we have managed over the years to gather glossaries for each and every field that might cross your mind; creating our own unique database.

 And we can still tailor our glossaries to the client.

In EgyTranscript, our translators have outstanding skills, enthusiasm, and flexibility needed to deliver what your business needs on time.

Our qualified and friendly team of translators, proofreaders and style editors ensures that your work maintains high quality, with terminology carefully employed, and style precisely reviewed, rendering the translation a real mirror of the source with all its hints and connotations.

In addition to Arabic and English translation, we also provide services in the following language pairs:

  • Arabic into French, French into Arabic
  • Arabic into German, German into Arabic
  • Arabic into Italian, Italian into Arabic (native Italian translators)
  • Arabic into Spanish, Spanish into Arabic (native Spanish translators)
  • English into French, French into English (native French translators)
  • We respect your privacy and we guarantee that all documents delivered for translation will remain strictly confidential as per our strict Privacy Policy.

For more security, we have our own team of Arabic English translators in Cairo office, Egypt, and we do not outsource freelance translators; this to ensure that our team follows our strict privacy policy and protects the privacy and documents of our clients.

Only in some emergency cases, requested by our clients in specific projects or incidents, we hire freelance translators. In such cases, we get the client’s consent and approval on outsourcing translators before commencing the work.

Don’t hesitate, if you have any document that needs translation, contact our team at EgyTranscript right away, and you’ll certainly get the best service with affordable prices.

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