Legal Document Translation

Legal Document translation Service

Legal Document translation

Is a very challenging job that needs to be done correctly and accurately, and essentially needs broad and extensive knowledge of legal terminology and practices.

Law is a culture dependent field, which demands highly qualified translators, competent in both languages; the source and the target.

Legal Document Translation

Legal translation should be done by only professional and experienced agencies who can handle it with extreme care and professionalism.

For many legal translation is just Arabic or English contract translation, however legal translation can involve more documents, for example, birth certificates, application letters, technical patent confirmation, deposition records, financial statement, evidence documents, litigation materials and business contracts. Translators should not only possess general knowledge of legal terminology, they should also be well versed in statutory requirements and the legal intricacies of foreign cultural and legal systems.

Legal Document Translation  is not a word for word translation, legal translators should have general knowledge of the legal systems of the source and target languages and professional experience in the target language's writing style.

Legal translators should always keep in mind the absence of direct equivalents of some linguistic structures in the target language, which entitles them to find suitable ones similar to the source language terms.

Arabic Contract Translation, and much more!
EgyTranscript we know very well the power of the word. Our team of legal translators has the right academic background and professional experience to handle legal translation with utmost care and professionalism.

While dealing with Arabic contract translation and other documents, translators have to be sure with utmost accuracy that the original document and the translated one are equally authentic. A single error can cause disastrous consequences that will cost the client a lot.

One single variation can be adversely used to change the structure of rights and duties set in the document. Therefore, legal translators need to be well trained to be able to deal with this specific field of translation.

He has to understand the legal system where the original text was drafted, as well as the legal system of the target language.

Legal Document translation backed with a long experience enables the translator to understand the consequences of each clause in a document. That is why a legal translator has to be accredited. Accreditation is given only to translation agencies known for their reliability in delivering sound documents.

Why Arabic and English contract translation?

Majority of multinational companies in Arab countries would draft bilingual contracts in the same copy to be signed and authorized at the same moment. This is usually better for both sides of the contract and protects all parties in future disputes.

With our accredited legal Document translationEgyTranscript will provide you with the best Arabic, English contract translation.

Our offer is accurate, timely and certified translations of a wide variety of legal documents. In addition to Arabic, English contract translation, we provide translation of wills, sales agreements and tax certificates. We also offer certified translations of general documents like birth and marriage certificates, passports, IDs and academic transcripts, among other documents.

EgyTranscript has provided this cross cultural legal support of English, Arabic contract translation to dozens of clients, with 100% guaranteed accuracy level, and we will be able to provide your firm a trusted copy of your contract with our high quality service of English, Arabic contract translation.

Translation of laws and regulations:

Most laws and regulations in the Arab world are issued in Arabic without a translation into English or French. EgyTranscript will translate all laws and regulations related to your field of business, so you have a full picture about the legal system of the country.

If you want Arabic or English contract translation, or any other legal document, please contact our professional team, where we will be happy to deliver you the best accurate and reliable legal document translation.

Why is Legal Document Translation tough work?

Legal Document Translation

The legal system is probably going to be unique in relation to a nation to another. Each and any legal document that will be used in another country must be precisely translated. It happens that sometimes you have some Legal Documents that need to be legally valid in a foreign country such like, your identity proof, birth certificate, marriage certificate, government documents, immigration documentation, academic transcripts and diplomas, patent certificate, global agreements and contracts, corporation documents, etc. In this case, we have to say that you need the help of a professional translator who knows well the culture, law and the lingo of the target language; a translator who has a long and wide experience working with legal document translation. It is confident that the legal terminology used in your documents can be understood and meets the criteria related to the local legal practice of the target language.

Do you, really, need the help of a legal document translator?

Getting your legal documents translated by a legal document translation provider could make you assured that your documents are translated accurately and in a proper way. Although some people think that translating legal documents is a very tough job, we, in EgyTranscript, believe that it's a matter of mastering the culture and the local factors of the target language. We have a team of professional native translators who well-understand law, and above all, they are all certified and experienced professionals.

EgyTranscript for Legal Document Translation Services

EgyTranscript provides you the most accurate Legal Document Translation Services with a high level of confidentiality and security. With many years’ experience of providing expert and certified translations services; we assured you that your legal documents would be translated in an accurate, professional, and quick way.

Legal Translation Texts

Translation is an ancient art of transferring speeches, sayings, ideas, and expressions from a language to another with keeping the spirit of saying and the transferred text. This is a hard work, a creative art, and an extremely important profession. At the same time, it is also considered a responsibility, honesty, science, and cleverness that has principles and ways. It is said also that translation is a clear tongue expressing a strange one.

Legal translation texts is a translation between two legal languages expressing two different legal systems. This means that the legal term has been determined previously by the legal system it belongs to and it cannot be understood and accordingly it can’t be translated except through this legal system.

Therefore, the translator of legal texts has to be aware of legal systems of both source and target languages. In addition, he has to translate the legal term of the source language with its functional equivalence in the target language as to use the strategy of (functional equivalence) as long as the usage of this strategy is possible. Nevertheless, this strategy is not constantly possible in the translation process.

Legal translation texts in its general perception is included in scientific translation category, and I want to speak about it in detail because of its importance as they have concepts, ways, and aims. It is generally known that “Legal” is focused on documents with legal subjects and formats like contracts, judgments, and legitimate instruments; accordingly, its translation to another language is considered a legal translation because of defining the meaning of legal forms and terms accurately. Some think that focusing on the legal aspects of the document during the translation process is regarded a legal translation, whilst actually, this conception and definition is not enough, whereas the legal translation in the point of view of judges and lawyers is the translation that has been formed by a lawful expert. This means that it is done and approved by the person or management that is assigned by the system to document and approve the translated paper from language to another in terms of the concept and authority regardless its subject (whether it is legal or not).

The aim of this is to find an appropriate, alternative and equivalent format of the document according to text and subject, in which the translator observe conventions and terms related to the subject. The original concept manifests without any contradiction or ambiguity. Thusly, approving the translation by the authority defined by the law and then called “Legal Translation”.

Importance of Legal Texts Translation

Nowadays, we cannot ignore the importance of foreign languages especially English and French, as they are the most popular globally. Furthermore, the translation from and to Arabic needs verification and accuracy because one word in English can have more than ten meanings and likewise one Arabic word can give several synonyms in English. Therefore, at this point, the talent of the translator shows in the process of choosing right and using the appropriate and alternative words for the Arabic translated text into English and vice versa, whereas it is widely noted a simple lack or unbalance in the translated contracts into English or vice versa.

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