Certified Translation is a translation where the translator declares its accuracy and completeness; while testifying his/her ability to translate that particular document, which must be signed by the translator.

EgyTranscript is capable of providing both certified English translation and Arabic ones.

Most legal and immigration documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and academic transcript require certified translation; where a certified translation should meet specific requirements in order to be valid.

At EgyTranscript, we have profound experience in certified English translation for different documents.

With its professional team of certified translators, EgyTranscript poses an excellent choice for your documents to be translated by skillful and competent translators, not just bilingual personnel.

Certified English and Arabic Translation


Notarized translation, however, requires the translator’s signature to be verified by a Notary Public.

Most legal and official government entities require the signature of the translator to be notarized.

Please check with the institution where you are to submit your documents whether they need a certified or notarized translation.


Certified English translation involves translating documents into English with a statement signed by the translator or the certified English translation company representative.

Attaching the certification stamp is essential in this case, as it helps to verify the translation.

This is usually demanded by most organizations, legal entities and many other business communications that require a certified English translation stamp to confirm that the documents are authentic and maintaining a certain level of quality in terms of language, content and general appearance.

EgyTranscript is ready to help you with any document in need of certified translation, whether it is Arabic to English translation or vice versa.


Accredited translation is just another term for certified translation.

In EgyTranscript, we dedicate all our resources of time, experience and team to provide accredited translation to our clients.

That was a difficult path to follow, where we invest all our passion, dedication and persistence to reach the top and become one of the leading providers for accredited translation.

Our accredited translation is approved worldwide and praised by our clients for its accuracy and competitive prices.

In addition to embassies of the United States of America all over the world, our accredited translation is accepted in all the embassies as we work closely with them to provide them with their requirements. In addition, our accredited translation is also approved by reputable organizations like AMIDEAST and Fulbright.

EgyTranscript has very high standards for document accuracy and precision and promises total confidentiality and security.

Sometimes accredited translation is needed by employers for recommendation letters, financial documents, and passports, among others.


Our certified Arabic translation is another excellent service we are proud of, for we strive to deliver 100% accurate translations; abiding by your deadline and exceeding your expectations.

We’re one of the fastest growing providers in the industry and our global capability means we’re one of the few translation agencies that can deliver on time, every time regardless of your location or time zone, a certified Arabic translation.

Our professional team members are native speakers of Arabic, mastering all its ins and outs as well as mastering English.

Throughout several years of continuous hard work, EgyTranscript earned many clients’ trust, and maintained long term relationships, with an excellent potential of including more clients day after day.

We’ll listen, we’ll learn, and we’ll carefully control the translation process to make sure you get the best certified Arabic translation that serves whatever purpose you need.

Don’t hesitate, contact us now and learn more about our accredited translation services and our competitive prices.

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