Certified Translators Team

EgyTranscript is one of the leading certified translation company based in Dokki district in Cairo, Egypt, with a renowned team of certified Arabic translators.

Certified Translators in Egypt

We are very careful while choosing our team of translators, who must be experts, not merely bilinguals; totally mastering both source and target languages.

If you are seeking certified translation, you should even be more careful while picking your certified translation company.

Certified Translation is a translation where the translator declares its accuracy and completeness; while testifying his/her ability to translate that particular document, which must be signed by the translator.

Most legal and immigration documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and academic transcript require certified translation; where a certified translation should meet specific requirements in order to be valid.

EgyTranscript is capable of providing both certified Arabic translators in Egypt who are well trained to this kind of documents.

We have an added value of our location, our certified translation company is based in Dokki where you can easily get your documents translated and submit them in embassies that are not very far from where we are.

Certified Arabic Translators in Egypt

Our accredited translation is approved worldwide, and is praised by our clients for its accuracy and competitive prices.

In addition to embassies of United States of America all over the world, our accredited translation is accepted in all the embassies as we work closely with them to provide them with their requirements. In addition, our accredited translation is also approved by reputable organizations like AMIDEAST and Fulbright.

Our certified Arabic translators in Egypt are certified to translate English to Arabic, efficiently and professionally!

With excellent time management skills, our translators highly respect deadlines and deliver work on time even with very tight deadlines.

At EgyTranscript, we highly value your documents’ confidentiality and security; we have a strict privacy policy that made us earn the trust of our clients and maintained an ongoing relationship with them.

Why choosing EgyTranscript’s certified Arabic translator in Egypt?

If you want to get accredited translation, you should only pick a certified Arabic translator in Egypt, who is certified to translate English to Arabic with excellent time management, accuracy and speed.

If you have any legal or official documents that needs certified Arabic translator in Egypt, EgyTranscript will be your first choice.

Working around the clock with different subjects and across different industries gave us thorough understanding and profound experience; with more eagerness to learn more and excel at our job.

In addition to being native speakers of Arabic language, and experts in its various dialects, our team members are also professional experts in English, they do master it fully and they can handle any type of translation in tight timelines.

From our extensive work as Arabic English translators in Egypt, we have managed over the years to gather glossaries for each and every field that might cross your mind; creating our own unique database.

 And we can still tailor our glossaries to the client.

In EgyTranscript, our translators have outstanding skills, enthusiasm, and flexibility needed to deliver what your business needs on time.

Translation incorporates comprehensive understanding of the source language - including terminology, grammar, cultural connotations, and source text subject matter - and a flawless rendering of all that into the target language in a manner that looks, and is indeed, authentic.

Please contact our certified translation company in Dokki if you have documents in need of certified translation, and we promise you excellent and timely service, that we always provide with affordable prices.

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