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Our Professional Technical Translation Services

Technical translation service 

are specialized translation of documents produced by technical writers (user guides, manuals, etc.), or documents related to science and technology fields.

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation service is no more a luxury; customers are in continuous need to understand more about different products and services in their own language. So you need to provide efficient and quick technical translation of several documents if you want to reach out to your audience.

With technology acting as the main tool for global communication, there is a strong need for users of multiple cultures and backgrounds to comprehend various technically written texts.

Technical translation is not just about transferring technical knowledge from one language to another; it is more about conveying the highly specialized message of the writer and outreaching to bigger audience.

This mandates the technical translator to have a multifaceted background and a high level of knowledge of the subject and its terminology. In many cases, a technical translator is specialized in the same technical field, so to be fully competent to handle different technical terms.

Inaccurate and poor quality translation of technical documents wouldn’t only affect the company image; it might as well interfere with the audience trust and long term relationship.

Technical Translation to Arabic

The technical document you aim to translate is formulating your image and communicating your message to your audience; this demands high degree of accuracy and professionalism to be able to convey the same concise message in different languages.

EgyTranscript offers technical translation to Arabic and other languages; ensuring accurate, cost effective and timely service.

Our native Arab translators with extensive knowledge can efficiently deliver technical translation to Arabic that will meet your expectations and help you outreach to your audience in the Arab region.

We have highly qualified professionals capable of building accurate translation terminologies for different business sectors, and to deliver technical translation designed for both on-line and off-line portals.

Translating technical documents needs translators who have good cultural knowledge to communicate the technical message efficiently, we are proud to have highly qualified professionals who are able to convey your message in different languages.

Our translators are capable of keeping the terminology consistent throughout the whole document; giving special attention to measurement systems, symbols, and graphics.

Best Research Translation Service

At EgyTranscript, we are experienced in research translation Service, our talented and dedicated technical translators are not only passionate about language; they are also passionate about transferring knowledge as authentic and clear as possible.

Research translation requires extensive and solid knowledge of technical terms, as well as the best and simplest way to deliver the message.

We usually match our translators with our clients according to specific industry experience. 

We work on technical translation of engineering and scientific documents that needs accuracy, precision, and consistency.

Technical Translation or interpretation!

At EgyTranscript, we don’t only provide written document technical translation, we also offer wide range of interpretation and technical translation services.

For example, we offer interpretation services for various technical conferences, workshops, and business meetings.

We can provide different modes of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, or whisper), depending on the meeting format.

EgyTranscript’s extensive experience and wide exposure in various fields has enabled us to provide reliable translations in many technical fields. These include engineering, statistics, economics, finance, science, social sciences and pharmaceuticals.

In EgyTranscript, our timely technical translation to Arabic or sometimes from Arabic is backed by our familiarity with the Arabic language as the mother tongue, together with thorough knowledge of style and terms of diverse technical areas.


If you need technical translation for your business documents or scientific researches, please contact us and you’ll get the best accurate and timely service.

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