are specialized translation of documents produced by technical writers (user guides, manuals, etc.), or documents related to science and technology fields.

Technical translation service is no more a luxury; customers are in a continuous need to understand more about different products and services in their own language. So you need to provide an efficient and quick technical translation of several documents if you want to reach out to your audience.

With technology acting as the main tool for global communication, there is a strong need for users of multiple cultures and backgrounds to comprehend various technically written texts.

Technical translation is not just about transferring technical knowledge from one language to another; it is more about conveying the highly specialized message of the writer and outreaching to a bigger audience.

This mandates the technical translator to have a multifaceted background and a high level of knowledge of the subject and its terminology. In many cases, a technical translator is specialized in the same technical field, so to be fully competent to handle different technical terms.

Inaccurate and poor quality translation of technical documents wouldn’t only affect the company image; it might as well interfere with the audience trust and long term relationship.



The technical document you aim to translate is formulating your image and communicating your message to your audience; this demands a high degree of accuracy and professionalism to be able to convey the same concise message in different languages.

EgyTranscript offers technical translation to Arabic and other languages; ensuring accurate, cost-effective and timely service.

Our native Arab translators with extensive knowledge can efficiently deliver the technical translation to Arabic that will meet your expectations and help you outreach to your audience in the Arab region.

We have a highly qualified team of professionals translators and interpreters who are capable of building accurate translation terminologies for different business sectors, and to deliver technical translation designed for both online and offline portals.

Translating technical documents needs translators who have good cultural knowledge to communicate the technical message efficiently, we are proud to have highly qualified professionals who are able to convey your message in different languages.

Our translators are capable of keeping the terminology consistent throughout the whole document; giving special attention to measurement systems, symbols, and graphics.


At EgyTranscript, we are experienced in research translation Service, our talented and dedicated technical translators are not only passionate about language; they are also passionate about transferring knowledge as authentic and clear as possible.

Research translation requires extensive and solid knowledge of technical terms, as well as the best and simplest way to deliver the message.

We usually match our translators with our clients according to specific industry experience. 

We work on technical translation of engineering and scientific documents that needs accuracy, precision, and consistency.


At EgyTranscript, we don’t only provide written document technical translation, we also offer a wide range of interpretation and technical translation services.

For example, we offer interpretation services for various technical conferences, workshops, and business meetings.

We can provide different modes of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, or whisper), depending on the meeting format.

EgyTranscript’s extensive experience and wide exposure in various fields have enabled us to provide reliable translations in many technical fields. These include engineering, statistics, economics, finance, science, social sciences and pharmaceuticals.

In EgyTranscript, our timely technical translation to Arabic or sometimes from Arabic is backed by our familiarity with the Arabic language as the mother tongue, together with thorough knowledge of style and terms of diverse technical areas.

If you need technical translation for your business documents or scientific researches, please contact us and you’ll get the best accurate and timely service.



In our modern life, technical translation services are highly required. We can simply say that technical translation is very important. For instance, a poor quality translation can make technical instructions and information hard to follow; a little error in the technical translation could cause a big misunderstanding, then damage to the equipment or product.

Generally, technical translations could include construction and civil fields, the chemistry industry, machine construction, automotive industry, environment, shipping industry, and more.

Who Needs Accurate and Precise Technical Translation

Global companies that produce and sell their products all over the world, technical websites, and other manufacturers. Almost every product’s guide or manual has highly specific details included; these specific details need to be fully understood to get the complete benefit from the product. That’s why we assume that technical translation is not an easy task!

Therefore, we work with the most professional and expert translators, who have the required experience and can use their translation skills with accurate technical aspects.

If you’re producing a product manual or any other technical content, then it needs to be clear and informative. It is very important to get accurate technical translation services. EgyTranscript made it easy for you; we provide accurate technical translation services that meet the required technical standards. We can handle all your technical translation needs in no time and with affordable prices.


We work to provide you with the highest-quality technical translations possible. Our professional team of linguists is fluent speakers and fully experienced, so you should be assured that you would receive the highest quality and most accurate technical translation possible. We provide various types of technical document translation including, engineering specifications, instruction and operating manuals, scientific documents, data sheets, technical modules, electronic manuals and guides, and other technical translation services.


There are several types of translation including:

Technical Translation

It is a type of specialized translations that contain documents translation written by technical writers. More specifically, it is texts related to technical study fields or texts handle with a practical application of technical and scientific information. However, the usage of specialized terms is considered one of the features of the technical text, it is not enough to classify the text as “Technical Text” since there are several non-technical specializations and subjects that contain what may be considered specialized terms. Technical translation includes translation of several specialized texts and requires a high level of knowledge about the subject and perfection of the appropriate terms and ways of writing.

The importance of the appropriate terms in technical translation lies as an example in patents, the typical and frequent nature of “Technical Writing” by making the translation with the use of the computer using translation memories and specialized database for terms.

Translation, in general, is a balance between art and science which both theory and application affect it. Having knowledge of linguistic features also aesthetic features of translation applies directly to the field of technical translation.


It is one of the most important specialized translations that covers different literary types such as novels, short stories, plays, and poetry. Clever translators who have the ability of total connection between experience in the translation field and the wide literary knowledge because the translation of literary works is not an easy task to handle literary translation.

The literary translator should have perfect knowledge of the two languages, cultures, experience in the literary world, as well as the talent in the creative writing field.


We can distinguish it from other translation types as it has special features. At first glance, we can believe that the text in the journal that describes only facts and forms a context with special meaning should have a simple translation! Yet, if we consider its style and some lexical difficulties, we would assume that actually, the issue is not about describing facts and telling accidental news, but it extends beyond this to be a creative process and an intellectual translation activity that has its own basics.

It is important to mention that this multifaceted intellectual and creative activity includes two important aspects: translation and journalism. We cannot lessen in any way its importance, as translation and journalism are two different professions. However, we cannot separate them when it comes to journalistic translation, as in this case, we find that both translation and journalism are one entity that each one of them completes the other. At this point, we can observe the meeting points between journalism and translation from the point of view of the professional translator.

These points are the same meeting points that have their own characters. Both translators and journalists undertake differently but not contradicting tasks; as the journalist has an attitude of clarifying published issues and drawing readers’ attention, while the translator is keeping on specific impartiality and his situation towards the language itself is different too. A translator often works on showing a level of secrecy and carefulness according to the requirement of his professions commitments.

It is important that the text normally has an easy style and does not lean toward ambiguous, and it has to be tractable and logic; any stop of reading or losing the logical sequence will reduce the attention of the reader. In particular, mentioning notes at the end of the article. In this case, the translator has to incorporate them into the text, because leaving it as it is at the end of the article will distract the attention of the reader. On the other hand, any repetition should be removed as it leads to irritation, while the reader is seeking an extra, not repeated meaning.


The religious translation is considered one of the most difficult translation types as it is related to religious issues. It should be noted that Islamic translation has a great interest because of the big number of non-Arab Muslims. One of the most significant Islamic resources is the holy Quran and Sunnah. Translators turn to translate the meanings of the Holy Quran in order to preserve it from distortion. In addition, they turn to translate the Tafsir of Quran and prophetic speeches and everything related to religious issues.


There is no doubt that the correct and accurate translation of religious terms and conceptions is an extremely important issue for anyone seeks accuracy in his translation and does his best to transfer the meanings to the target language readers in a super accurate way and in a linguistic simplicity. This accurate way and linguistic simplicity have to consider the cultural and linguistic inventory of the target language, as they are an essential condition to make a successful translation.
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