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Voice Over & Dubbing Service 

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Voice over is a production technique using a voice of unseen narrator; it is used in TV and radio productions, movies, and theatre.

Dubbing and Voice Over Service

A voice over service is not only about the nature of the speaking voice, it is also about how this voice pronounces the message given and how it is eloquently added in harmony with the material and message to be delivered. Think about it like a very good fabric that needs a good and experienced tailor to make a good suit.

In EgyTranscript, we have what it takes to provide our esteemed clients with the best Arabic voice over service they require. We are linguists, we know how to speak. We care about the proper tone, pauses, accent and whatever might interfere with the quality of the voice recording.

Our male and female voice talents are from almost all age groups and backgrounds. If you are not sure which type of voice is perfect for your script, do not worry. We can advise with demos and quotes on the voice and best tone to appeal to your audience; so you can guarantee the best voice over service.

Some examples of broadcastings that voices are used for: Telephone messaging, Advertisement, Documentary, Narration production.

Arabic voice over service is our specialty in EgyTranscript!

Arabic is our mother tongue, we definitely master speaking it.  We promise excellent and professional Arabic voice over service in various dialects and accents of the Arabic language. In addition to classical Arabic used in documentaries and presentations, colloquial accents coming from Egypt, the Gulf, Syria and Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia and Morocco. We provide Arabic voice over service from all these regions, thanks to our team of well trained, extremely competent and fully dedicated of voice talents, who will not save an effort to make sure that our clients are deeply satisfied.

And Dubbing Service too!

Dubbing is the replacement of a soundtrack in one language by another in a different language.

Dubbing service is a work of art, which is another form of voice over service that is specialized and tailored to provide voices for actors and actresses in another language, in movies, cartoons, and drama. EgyTranscript will be happy to assist you in selecting suitable voices for every actor, and will provide you with the correct tones for every scene.  This will ensure getting the best possible dubbing service. Our pool of voice talents backed with our linguist expertise will make your movie a hit. If your script is in English or another language and you want to transform it to Arabic, you have come to the right place. EgyTranscript is capable of providing you with the best dubbing service through our translators who have experienced working in a diversity of translation and localization services, which makes them fully competent and can easily adapt your text for the culture of your audience.

In EgyTranscript we do not settle for anything but the best personnel and equipment. We make our recordings in professional studios using top sound equipment to ensure the best quality of the voice which is substantial in getting satisfactory production. This can be ensured and guaranteed to our clients by our high standards and extremely competent contacts in the field.

Don’t worry, with EgyTranscript you’ll get your dubbing service and voice over as authentic and professional as you wish, with the best accent, and with fully understanding of the cultural context.

Contact our voice over and localization experts with your requirements and we will help you with a full package of advice and timely services. 

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